Thursday, November 27, 2008

Retreat treat...

Predictably, this is where I'm gonna post one for all the new experiences.

It all started out like some would expect, just a normal retreat camp with bibles & dancing right? naadaaa~~ It was more than i had thought of and expected of.. Of course, you won't see a change in me. But on the inside, I've learnt to see some things with a different point of view. It was around 2.30pm sumthing sumthing, and finding the place while my mother drove fast was confusing. Afraid we'd already passed the kionsom baptist retreat centre cuz we didn't think it would be THAT far.. but, in the end we got there anyways.. first out we saw Joey & Jonathan... Oooo they were the first to get there, and we were the 2nd.. yes, everyone else isn't there... but that gave me ALOT of time to explore the whole place.. (not cuz it was fun, but becuz there's nothing better to do) After settling down, enjoying the view, and finding a ping-pong table that ain't got no bats or balls to play with... humans started filling the place. It was simple enough to understand, their room rocks, our room sucks... reason? the all-so-needed AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM. I mean, everything seems fine.. until you come to realise your sleeping with two other guys in a puny room and a puny fan. And that fan don't help much, especially after you've gone through a HOT day and feel like cooling off in front of something that is "supposed" to cool.. To all the people out there... STOP GLOBAL WARMING!! other than the comfort i just stated, i just have to say i love the games during devotion.. probably because it's so boring there that even the slightest fun the brain detects, becomes overly entertaining.. (that was not an exaggeration) when the boys have free time, there's only so much we can opt to do.. let's see the list:

1. Ping-Pong into the night

2. Chomp On Chips, lots of em'

3. Talk, also known to the civilised world as Communication/Socialising

4. Basketball, rarely played when we were there

5. Share Magic Tricks? O.O

Now, believe it or not.. that's the only thing we COULD define as fun.. at least while we're there. But then again, nobody said it was gonna be THRILLING. There was a part that was actually quite boring though (to me), it was this game where each group was given a camera and we had a list of things we had to take pictures of... Interesting~ though we didn't get first place, it goes to show losing ain't exactly fun. BUT.. SOMEHOW.. i liked the retreat.. @.@ don't ask me why, i just do.. somehow.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Rain...

I Just want to be right there, when everything goes down... This isn't the end, It's not over...Sometimes it just comes over me, the feelings hidden deep inside. Everything i wanted to say straight, but now it seems i've failed a thousand times.. Shaking myself from all the thoughts rooted within me while i keep lying to myself it's you i want to see.. Everywhere, Every time, it's the hardest storm of my life.. when the rain is enough to remind me of all the hurt and pain.. Thought it ended long before, but now i'm right in the middle of it all again.. I was never far away from you..Believe me, and trust that i'm yours.. Please don't walk away from everything...but if to lose everything, even a part of me, means you'll be happy.. then i'll gratefully let it be...

Black & White are completely different...

It may not be completely beautiful, but it's definitely fun...
Today i'm glad to say that i've not spent ALL day rotting at home. Becuz i've done something usefull! especially when you & your friends just painted a wall for your Church Youth. Yupp~ belive me when i say it's entertaining, though not exactly something you'd wanna plan a whole morning till mid day for.. just becuz i said so. But what i meant was that painting a wall was actually something you wouldn't expect to be fun. The stains ain't fun though... T.T we we're painting the wall white, which meant using white paint. yeah, predictably i'd wear a completely black attire.. Seriously, i wore ALL BLACK. From the socks to the jeans to the shirt to the belt and even to the hair~ maybe even the skin. tut* but thank God... only my shirt got stained (better than everything). About three hours later all of us, which included my sis (Natalia), Aaron Heng (The guy that makes my day), and last but certainly not least...... Danielle Soong(wabbit, it's a long story) went to KFC and had our lunch. Aaron and me had an ingenius plan. I'm just gonna tell you we laughed crazy at the counter.Pleged sorry to the management. Then we ate while joking around, it was sensational~ after that we just took a cruise down to the Fish shop? nearby.. Lemme show you some picz of the day...

Not only humans go Emo... seahorses have feelings too you know~

I laughed hard at this one, Aaron's fault.

It's fun too see what hamsters do to themselves when you blow them. Or Maybe i was the hamster????

Nippon paint, unlike the commercial saying it's ODOUR-FREE, this one's the smelly version..

We just chilled back and enjoyed the view.. just what it says..

after all the experience: my sis getting bitten by the hamster (RAT?), seeing weird fishes, and observing dead fighting fish still on sale for RM3.. it was time to go back.. to the wall. By then it had mostly turned dry, the paint i mean.. but it was still quite transparent, the layer beneath could still be seen. So... being perfectionists.. we painted it again. Not soon after, our work was done.. *cue holy music* the rest was just tidying the place, organizing and planning a new futuristic furniture layout fit for PH members, and most importantly.. vacuuming the floor of all those wood splinters that have spiked our feet for weeks. In the end we just went home. Again, filled with satisfaction at heart (At least for me).

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Some say...

They say Waterworld is one of the worst places you can possibly think of when you want to swim.. well.. Yeah~
But.... Yesterday i just went there anyways cuz i got an invite from Toh khiing (Tall Guy) to go swim there.. Naturally rotting at home was an option too obvious, but i thought: "why waste wastes?" and so i went. One of the most obvious reasons Waterworld Sucks bad, is becuz of the hygiene standard there.. What Hygiene?? you might ask yourself.. well.. if you count having Algae thriving at the bottom of your feet when you swim fun, then that's a place for you.. but i like my pools sparkling clean & shiny, thank you. The Other reason? you don't have much things to do but slide slide slide~ It's an amazing feeling to go from a high-speed thrill of speed sliding to a total stop...It's just satisfying when your friend stops halfway in the slide while your looking at him..or her. The other attraction is the vertical slide.. it makes you plunge at an angle of around 30 degrees.. Be warned, when attempting pleasure at this type of slide.. thou shall always wear non-loose fitting clothes.. or you might as well just go and slide naked, cuz they'll come off anyway. It's fascinating actually, that i DID have fun there.. guess the company of friends makes it better. well.. don't really know them.. but it was fun! I wouldn't mind going again.. hehehehe~ we also had a game of "catch" A.K.A. Ice & Fire.. This is how it goes.. one or a few people take the role of being the ICE, their job is to capture those who are the FIRE. Once those who are the FIRE get caught, they can't move (hence the name ICE). The fortunate thing is that those being captured can get into the game again once their "FIRE" friends rescue them.. It's Basically a Tag game someone made complicated.. at least in terms of explaining. We had quite a lot of fun in that.. since there were so many of us.. "the more the merrier" --.O In the end, after about two hours of finger softening algae infesting fun, it was time to ciao.. Got to Toh Khiing's house and from there on i got on a game of Call Of Duty4 (currently one of the most popular first-person shooters out there) *typical guy stuff* And at 8pm, the dance practice/choreography starts. By then everyone was laughing endlessly when there wasn't anything to laugh about when we started.. guess swimming has it's side effects~ Finally we ended that day's practice with a final dance check. Or whatever you call it.. Went home feeling happy and completely satisfied with everything done that day.. Hoping we'd do that again~

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Know your enemy...

Forget the title~
Okay, i'm not your enemy.. just felt like writing that down. ^^ Today i wanna just tell you more about myself.. By now you'd have probably realise my favourite colour, i mean.. It's all over my Blog. To say the truth i was kinda' the dull type of person.. before everything, all i liked was simply Blaque & whyte. I can change the blaque to a font colour of black, too bad it's more unfortunate with the whyte, or else you won't see it! Back to the subject. Yeah~ black is cool, and so is white... but i guess a whole closet full of black & white wouldn't be much fun.. Until i started to love PURPLE! then GREEN! then BLUE! (forgive me). i guess you get the idea now... other than that, i absolutely love chocolate. I'd indulge in having chocolate a whole afternoon~(which he did) Well.. though it was just one Big bar of chocolate it took the whole afternoon.. and into the night.. just to finish it. What more can i say? i was enjoying it slowly.. Too bad CadburyS have melamine in them now.. just said that becuz other people feel the pain. i mean.. do i look like i care what's in it? I also love weapons, guns to be exact. Only problem with this liking is that i don't get to fire one. So i have other alternatives.. either go to my friends house and fiddle around with an AIRgun.. Or.... go to Donggongon (spelling unknown) and get on a game of paintball.. which in turn burns cash. You need RM60 just to load 100 pellets, which you'll soon understand how fast their gone once you play.. and remember, the money stated was a special price.. Normal humans get a price of RM100 per 100 pellets.. must've felt good knowing you give your opponent a paintjob worth RM100. And i'm not rich, so as much as i love shooting them.. it hurts physically as well as financially.. O.O Even IF i get to fire a real gun, it'll burn a hole in my pocket cuz it costs roughly RM3+ to fire a SINGLE pistol round. Ouch. I'd think twice before shooting anything. well.. that's all for now.. now you know 1% more of me..


"I Can't wait for the Holidays!"
Now we're in November, specifically "Da Holidays". Two months ago that's what everyone would've said. yeah~ we'd plan to have our hair long, play games all day... or night, and go anywhere we wanted.. that's well.. until we realise we've run out of things to do, places to go, and maybe even hair to grow? Aiksszz~ But then i'm actually quite satisfied with the freedom i have now, even if it's TOO MUCH.. having the time to Dance all day till i get hurt all night is undoubtedly fun.. weeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ you wouldn't believe the things i'd do when i'm online... or... maybe you will. Let's see my options: chat with anyone randomly, search youtube for videos + posting up random comments when seeing people argue on political crap*, check that my friendster's still malfunctioning (becuz it is, ever since the "maintenance"), and download photos on guns. Hey, i DID say i like guns.. sheesh~ got a folder full of it, weapons of all sizes.. hehehe not even sure how many there are.. not like i'm gonna count it, cuz that would mean i'm REALLY bored. Other than that i'm still quite sane from the lack of FUN. In fact, this post right here was the product of boredom itself... O.O but seeing i like writing, why not? Now all i've got to do is wait till December.. Cuz That's where the REAL fun starts...

Monday, November 17, 2008

Too Much?

Here in my world, Dancing could never be too much.. or is it?

Lately i've been practicing a lot for the performance/presentation my youth PowerHouse has on the 18th of December. It's a Mix of both worlds, Drama & Dance.. you could say i love it.. cuz i've been involved with the drama competition in my school and that i naturally DO love dancing.. so what's there to complain? well.. right now we're just practicing normally and choreographing at the same time on the fly~ too bad i'm already a lil' tired of it.. the planning at night & early morning wake ups are bugging too. simplified? i'm not really in favor of the schedule going on in my life right now.. but it's okay~ only problem comes when they step everything up on December 1st.. we're gonna have intensive dance practices the whole week long from 1-5pm everyday of the week till the showdown.. yes people. believe it or not.. i'm suffering from OverDancing.. Aiksszzz~~ And yet i've joined another dance for my school... Double schedule!! that's another title though. It's a Prom Night for all the form 5-vers.. it's an honour to attend & dance at the Prom cuz i'll be two years ahead of my time... *giggles* O.O Just recently i've gone skating with a few of my friends at Asia City.. it was so fun, other than the minor blister i got from the skating shoes.. (happens from hardcore skating) thing is i had a battle with Aaron (aarie) little piggy (what he calls himself in chinese) and while doing windmills i transformed a minor blister into a lovely patch of red mass *cue holy music* it's not a problem until it stings at night, and when i go to dance pratices, and when i bathe.. ish* how'd i keep wound-free when in dancing you gotta try? bblllllllleeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrr

The Art of Dancing

Dancers Out There
Dancing & music was never something i liked at all..
i still remember the first song that pulled me into the world of music. it was the song Because Of You by Neyo.. that time i didn't even have a favourite song let alone know ANY song. But somehow the first time i heard the song i looked it up, and from there on i started taking notice of new songs and all. I had updated my life.. Dancing, however... came to me a little later. To say the truth, i believe GOD gave me that gift. It was a time i wasn't even attending my Church youth. My Sis (Natalia) and My Bestie (Andrea A.K.A. Andie) had often gone to PoWeRHouSe (youth) and there was something within them i found different. I don't know what it was, but it surely got me going to the youth.. As Time passes i became more and more involved with the activities associated with PH. That's where i was encouraged to join the dance team CATZ.. during that year i was everthing but Nice when it came to dancing.. i went with it anyway~ at the end of it all i realised, i could progress with my dancing. O.O Soon after, i could freestyle.. which meant dancing without planning/choreography. It was truly something i loved & had passion for.. coupled with the love of music, i had a haven within my own imagination i played around with.. Dancing became a part of who i was. It is a Gift from GOD which i truly treasure.. So... for all those out there who really want to dance.. i say go for it.. not just with practice in mind, but to fully enjoy it while doing so... "in this world, not many things come easy. But when you have it, it's gonna be worth all the effort"
Right now, in this Modern day and age, Dancing has an extensive variety and style more than ever.. There's the elegant Ballroom dancing, The Agressive dance of pure anger called Krumping >.< , The Fluidity style:Waving, The Boogaloo Poping, The Impressive Bboying better known as Breakdancing, And many more i don't know of~ all of these when learned can be very entertaining, to me at least.. and serves as a passion in life.. (not trying to put in cheesy words to make it holy dramatic or whatever) but it's true, take a pick, choose your style, and progress with it.. the REAL fun comes when you battle it out with another friend... or enemy.. it doesn't really matter.. really. Breakdancing was created in the alleys of the Bronx to replace gang fights and all that crap.. THE POINT IS.. once you get the feel of what freestyle dancing is.. you'll get to feel and appreciate the motion... the excitement.... the freedom. It's not hard to understand.. some people make dancing a way of their life.. TOO passionate gua~ if there's any emo's reading this, knowing dancing might make your life a whole lot more interesting.. yeash. it's for real people~ don't really know how to sum it all up, but... Dancing, when mixed with beautiful music, makes something you can feel with every move you make.. whether it be retarted or cool..

Disgusting & Gross are the same thing...

Today was Probably the worst day... well... at least mentally..
You know at times when you get an email from your friend with pics you wish you REALLY DIDN'T CHECK?
Actually it's not that bad, it's just REAL BAD.. guess i won't be sleeping well tonight. somethings are best left untouched.. really. okay, maybe your curious. one example: a dude having surgery with his brains INFESTED with WORMS. Felt wrong just saying that... believe me, some of you like myself can't take it in.. and if you think i'm highly resistant to disturbing images.. then surprise. I'm Not..
the average human physce can't hold back puking from things like that... it's not pleasurable.. which is all the more ironic why i'm talking bout' it now & why i requested for those pictures.. O.O

Sometimes a disgusting day just isn't enough...
Another reason why "blocking" in messenger is a necessity. So you can spare yourself from the horrors of weird & freaky people that come knocking your virtual door.
This Morning was supposed to be predictably normal... not. A guy i never knew was in my contacts list all of a sudden.. well.. i just don't know how he got there.. but anyways, he gave me a nudge and striked up a conversation with me.. having the slight knowledge that he was a lil' childish didn't bother me, so i just followed the flow.. Bad move..
further on in our "conver" he invited me to his party, an obvious sign he isn't old enough to understand i'm a stranger to him.. let alone he's a stranger to me.. >.<
and so i say i'm booked all week (fact) having dancing and invites from other friends, just to ward him off~
but like persistant lil' kids, he continues tormenting me... [i don't wanna be friendly anymore] jk*
then comes "do you have a hand phone?" *thanks God i don't have one now* but this time everything's different; for the first time in my life i say i can't give him my number..
fortunately he knows i'm obviously bugged and backs off into the little corner of msn.. hehehe *insert evil laugh* before he gets to type another word, i say i gotta go and i immediately appear offline + Block contact. i cannot express how relieved i am of him...
becuz from now on, i will never have to accompany some dude that looks gay~ it's an assumption, but probably a right one.. --.O

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Always seemed that i'm okay... But maybe i never was.. right from the start.
Feelings could never be underestimated...

She was always the only person that seemed important to me above the rest. I couldn't understand why at the start, but as time comes & goes.. I've come to realise that i truly did love her.

it wouldn't be hard to see how i feel.. it wouldn't be hard to know that i'm with you.. nothing was really that complicated...

These Feelings I Have~
You were always special to me ever since I first met you. Always telling me to chat with other girls when it was you I wanted to be with… but it’s okay, you were all that mattered anyway. Though some days I felt down, seeing your smile in the morning gave me life again.. and I really cherish every moment close to you.. feeling as if I gave you my heart without telling you, because for every happiness you bring me, my soul is yours to keep… I’ll find a time where I can dance for you, because that might be the only way you’ll know I love you…