Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's been days since i've wrote...

Okay, it's been weeks. My bad.
Ever since that one day, A LOT has happened in life. My life. For one, i've just went through the dance & drama presentation for God in the Gaya Street Christmas Celebration for this 2008. Which happens every year. yupp. It's a very sensational experience, especially to those whom we present to.. It shows them God's love in a more "neutral" way.. and i Definitely hope we've touched lives that night. And though i've had a lil' complication concerning me and my sis being able to attend the next presentation at Palace Hotel, i'm very very glad the Church has taken an effort to convince my parents about the importance of it... Once again i want to thank those who have helped me in this.. even if my word doesn't reach them..

Before Gaya Street, we've danced down at Taman Antarabangsa. Same thing, but the goal is reaching out.. and of course, that people would enjoy themselves while their there.. the food was pleasing... :D and Shen definitely has taken a strong liking to Ice Creams.. O.o
Then there was the Zombie thing going on.. that was uncalled for~ but.. it's certainly something the Z0mbie leader loves (Tatjana A.K.A. Joie).. i think. hehehe
just after Gaya, right the next day, We got packed for KL. Short forms suffice, but i'll just say Kuala Lumpur.. :) up early in the morning isn't really my thing, but when you gotta go.. you gotta go. So there i was, not finished packing (as always) and rushing like crazy.. woohoooo
getting all my threads in my bag then movin' to the car. Few minutes later, we're at the airport. Just waiting for the plane while we check-in was normal... in fact there's nothing to talk about on that. let's just skip to the part we land.
Landing. It was beautiful, smooth, and soft.. like feather..
no, seriously. The pilot was really good at what he does.. perfectest landing ever. so soft to the touch you couldn't feel the bump, but look out the window, and you have touchdown..
after that.. we simply got off and got a ticket for a limousine.. (not the fancy type you see on TV) but, the people didn't wanna make life easier for us.. tried to cheat us on in some money..
now. moving on.
After the whole "this price is too low" and "that ticket price ain't right" affair. A KIND hearted & RESPECTABLE limousine driver accepted to take us to our Destination. I say "THANK YOU". He was good all the way, and i didn't have to remember his number plate to file a complaint. Unlike all the others. Not to say i did exactly that to the others.. but.. i really did consider it. we got to this apartment-like place, and that was to be where we were gonna live for the next four days. The other days, i will not speak of.. but we enjoyed ourselves, eating whatever comes to mind, and buying things we'd want is of course, satisfying. Though i've got to admit i was really missing someone's company. ^^

on the third day, again, early in the morn'... i got up and packed (this time faster) for Genting Highlands.. The "City of Entertainment" whatever it says~ we got into a Taxi booked for us and the driver was the type of pleasant service i had longed for ever since touchdown in this FREAK TAXI INFESTED PLACE. He kindly let us have some breakfast while going off to do something.. really, i don't know what, but it's cool with me the person he is.. 5 minutes later we got into the cab and our journey there started. A whole 2 hours of butt numbing goodness later, we got there.. Gotta say i loved the weather there.. Cold, misty, and loaded with life.. which generally means people. Like it implies "City of Entertainment". What would i have ever expected? We chilled out around the place at first, checking out what we could do before we checked in our hotel room. Lugging around our baggage was a pain, a pain in the brain.two hours later we got our rooms ready for us. Then the party started, the party of Boredom. I DO enjoy 'being' there, but.. it's the limited amount of things you could do that's getting me desperate going back to our apartment back in town. But let's speak of those that have pleased me. For one, Archery is one of my passions, surely there's got to be more than just one passion other than dancing~ ^^ i just shot 24 arrows, but of course.. it was shot with delight.. AikszzZz then there was Rock Climbing, done indoors, with the fake walls and stuff.. but there is certainly no denying that it needs some amount of strength and immunity to the fear of heights to get to the top. Which is exactly what i did. hehehe
Me, my mum and Natalia then got on the monorail. Which was sorta' like an indoor roller coaster ride. It's wasn't thrilling enough though. I DID say it was indoors~ we had to wait like half an hour just to get on that... thing. The que line was REAL long, i'm not kidding. Normally, a person would take one look at the que line and rather go drink Starbucks or sumthing.. but.. being the persistant people my mum and sis are... we went for it anyway.. to me, it was kinda worth it (emphasise on 'kinda'), but it was mostly just an experience of being jerked around and seeing Starbucks pass below. Not exactly my idea of a thrill ride.. but take a thought on this.. If it was so jammed pack on the indoor rides.. which includes every other one, then what would happen of the rides on the OUTdoor ones? huh? it would bring a new meaning to Legendary. Either way, the reason we only took the ones inside, was becuz the ones outside weren't "available". Yes, on the exact time we wanted some fun, the weather HAD to go wrong.. therefore ruining the sensors needed to keep the rides safety in check. Let's LOL.
After taking a late night movie that ended at 11pm++ we went back to our rooms to have a good night's rest. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
morning comes and we check out, have a lil' Hainanese Breakfast and instead of taking the taxi back to town, we opted for a ride down to sea level with a cable car. guess what.

The Cable Car ain't "available" too. Not from the weather, not from maintenance, but of all reasons.. it HAD to be the date. It was just simply not in service that day.. woohooo~
Go Garry! There was no other option, but to follow the bus. becuz it took a more.... "indirect" route, i slept most of the way down.. no memories there. woke up and right on time we had to get off.. went back to the apartment, got ready, and got moving again.. to da shopping centers.. ate some food that got my stomach feeling good, in a bad way. And the next day is born. The last day was nothing special. Got the Kind Taxi booked again, also known as HBA 310 (number plate), and went straight to the airport. There we had our lunch, mine was black pepper sauce with chicken and fries paired with hot chocolatier~ my fav. Bought a few things, food mostly, and waited to be boarded, as in on the plane. Before that day i went online ONCE with my dad's laptop at Starbucks.. Was expecting someone online.. but today was different, i simply didn't have the time.. before i knew it.. the plane was ready. We got on, took our seats, and the TV starts with those annoying safety procedures as if we're gonna crash. The plane flies, i sleep, wake up, eat some.... "chicken pizza"??? then i go back sleeping, waking up once more to know i'm gonna be home.. where i can see her again.. where i could sing and not be ashamed.. where i can chill out at places i know.. where i could.. LOL. Actually.. some things i've said is true.. Down at the airport, My dad get's the car.. We Hop in. and minutes later.. We're back.. Home Sweet Home~ At this point, it's just too easy too say i love to be back...