Thursday, November 26, 2009

Lots have passed...

This blog is ancient, no kidding.
It's been the longest time since I've written. It's just that I've gotten so much things to do, so many events to look forward to. But life seems to get more and more interesting each and every single d
ay. For me, at least. Hope it is the same to you peeps too. =)

So the last thing I remember about, that pushes m
e to write is the last few remaining days before the hols came. Which was about more than about two weeks ago. I've written about happenings on a few occasions to update this blog O' mine but situations always seem to make me save it as drafts. Lil' buggers. So, before the days of freedom, I rarely spent time in class and well... so were the rest my friends. In fact, they didn't even attend school, let alone the classes. Seriously though, who would want to go to school when there's nothing more to learn, ALL our text books were returned and the final exam was done with?! Either way, eighty plus percent of the time I was cruisin' the school. Our school's more "elite" athletes have mostly left or switched to other schools and so the principal is freaking out. He's pulled out all the stops and allowed us students that were involved in previous sports events to start intensive training. AT THE END OF THE YEAR. Including those who "simply" have interest. By having interest I don't mean that we want to train for sports but rather use the time and excuse to skip classes (There are no more subjects to be taught by teachers, mind you) =). And when sports training got boring, I moved over to take place as the volleyball coach for our school's Volleyball competition which puts classes against classes.

Sure, I love volleyball. But having teams hating each other because they were unsatisfied about the score and having my skin scorched down to a colour tone unimaginable by most individuals of society just ain't cool.

No Kidding. The burn didn't feel good only until after two weeks.

But just after that on the 10th of November, our dance crew, SMC (Silent Motion Crew), participated in a showcase performance that took place in Tshung Tsin High School. Invited by Joie Lim (Tatjana) -heehee.. she dislikes that name-, we started practice with only about ten days left before the show. We were to showcase a performance during th
eir talent show, officially named "Tshung Tsin Star". When I was first told about the number of students attending the event, Which was 2000 people, I was hyped. Because our crew just started officially making a name, I thought that it would be a good idea for us to join and get reputation to give our crew some momentum in the dancing scene. Sabah's not new to Hip-Hop, but people certainly just started keeping their heads up for it.

The following days spent training would just be too much to write on, but it was fun and went (quite) smooth considering we got the whole dance routine done when we all thought we couldn't make it. Just a day before the event, our crew, Which consisted of Steve (Aarons Joh
nsons Charlotte), Kamal (XYZ), Ricky Chung (Bboy Ricky), Our newest official member Adew (Mahathir), Joie herself, Joyce Foo, Xiao Wei, and myself Garry Singa (.:BabyLioN:.). Muahahaha... went directly to the venue to rehearse.

However, our practice on the actual stage one day before said event wasn't beautiful. It was everything I hope that it wasn't. hahaha.. Yeah, I might be laughing now thinking back, But at the time it was stressful and put some of us in a less confident mood. Even the other crew we had planned of being more superior than, felt we were a messy bunch of moving rag dolls on stage.

We went off the stage disappointed, and given thirty spare minutes to practice before rehearsing again one final time
. At that moment, there was no other time that had made me so lively and encouraged to complete the *&%#$@! thing. I wasn't happy, but I was confident we could pull it off. And we did!! The second time we set foot on stage, all the others watching were visibly shocked. The time we had took was just thirty minutes, and now we were recovering from the previous crappy rehearse. much improved, we were uber excited and prepared for the next day.

Date: 10th of November. A.K.A. Show time.
This day was actually a school day, we were required to go school but had chosen to dance instead (Skipping school). Whoots much. I got on my usual school bus ride and asked to be dropped off ne
ar our dance studio. From the drop-off, I walked over and met up with Bboy Ricky. It was just 6.15A.M. People. Right after that, both me, him and Kamal sat down in a restaurant and ate till we got back up to the studio. The guys then all arrived and we started warming up and practicing. The gig was to take place at around 10A.M. and we made sure every move and every routine was part of us. That's where the call came from Joie, who was already in Tshung Tsin, saying it's on. We were all like FTW and got our butts to move INSTANTANEOUSLY on location.

We finally reached like... 10 minutes later, since our studio was situated in the Damai area and our driver was
fast. xD When we got there, the crew and I were uber pumped. Especially Adew and I. It's understandable that he's nervous because it's his first ever performance on stage, and possibly the crew's biggest event yet. But I've been in this scene for quite some time, I've spent enough exp on stage... yet every time the stage is in view, I just lose it. Nervous, scared, fearful, and adrenaline pumped. I'm all these at that very moment.

Just 5 minutes our foots were off the car and on the ground and we're already expected to perform. It was ins
ane. Just writing about it gives exciting less-than-dramatic flashbacks. But all in all, the feeling behind the curtains on stage... translates into epic hype. Gave a few hugs, received some, and the announcement comes on: ********** Chinese language********* Chinese language********* SMC!!!
The automated motors activate the rise of the curtains and the crowd gives it a cheer. Equation? Priceless.

I could recall how all of us moved. Mostly in sync while the crowd fuels us with confidence. We always said: "Smile when you dance", but when things like that just flow with the beats, and the crowd connects, you won't have to force a smile, It comes on naturally.

After that we got off the center and retreated to the sides at the end of our song. What you feel after that is satisfaction. Satisfied about all the efforts and all the time spent on this passion in dancing. There could never have been something as this felt other than love. Only few experience the thrill on stage as the audience gives you support. I wonder if it's that feeling that got me going so far with dancing. But I'm sure after that, Adew, being fresh and all in this will surely bring on his talent to the stage when chance comes. As a member of Silent Motion Crew (forgive the cheesay name), I'm proud to have had Adew with us. Brings more life into the crew. =)

And you could say that was the most "happening" event of the day and the days that follow. Memories time!!! Here's some of the crew's pics, courtesy of Izzat, our good friend and photographer.

Beautiful Sky Shot. From Left to right: Ricky, Adew, Kamal, Steve, and Me.

Shot taken at one of the posts in TTSS.

So other than that most memorable experience with 2000 audiences and 8 crew members, other things were also at hand when I wasn't given time to update my blog.

Just after the hols, we students were required to return to school with our parents to check out and collect our overall results the year round. I obviously needed to stay in class more instead of going all out with sports and dancing to ensure my future exists. The most recent report both me and my mother checked was impressive. It showed how much I DEGRADED in my academics. I was hit strongly by how much of an epic failure I am. But the worst part was the class they were going to put me in. I was designated to be placed in 5sa3 next year, which is actually the worst class SMK Lok yuk has to offer. To fall from commerce to that class is unfortunate. I was moody the rest of the free day that time. Then there was the project I did not complete whereas everyone else has completed (Copied) theirs in class. Conclusion- The higher the percentage your not in class, the higher the percentage your going to get it screwed when registration comes. Because this isn't just some evil teacher's random assignment, but more of a registration requirement that needs to be completed for next year, I had to complete it. 4 Folio's and 8 Essays worth of work. It surely gave me some piece of hell having to sit my butt off doing it till the menstrual cycle happens within a male.

But. Those were merely yesterdays filled with grief. I've completed it last week. Now I'm a happy homo. And I've also appealed to the principal for a change of classes to polish my future to a mirror sheen. Trust me, when your in 5sa3 of SMK Lok Yuk Likas, you won't have the drive to study. Most, if not all the students in that class will believe destiny takes care of them and veer off the path of righteousness, declaring hatred against studyism and have complete ignorance on their academics. If I was to be seated there for the rest of year 2010, I'd be sufficiently screwed. So yea. I personally thank God for everything he has done for me. From the near miss of a barbed wire fence that knifed my eyebrow instead of my eye which had me going to the clinic for a patch up, having health insurance purchased before I incapacitated myself and was forced to take a surgery costing RM 10.000, almost getting hit by a speeding custom Toyota Vios in Lintas and missing by just milimeters, almost getting both my arms burned severely by boiling water at a young age, and not getting caught by the police for my acts during my foolish youth. God has always been with me throughout my life even when I spend the least amount of time focused on him. He has surely had an Arch Angel around me every moment of my life.

I am always reminded of you. This isn't just some childish feeling I harbor the years of my life. Less than soon we will separate, I hope it doesn't come to that
. Until then I only have so much time, time to appreciate the strong friendship that has bonded through what remains of this ice box. My heart. I love you so much, both as a friend and partner. These words come from fear.