Saturday, September 26, 2009

I'm back my love... ?

I'm Back From JAKARTA baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whoots much.

Not the most beautiful place i've been since birth, but.. it's cool. =) For one? Where could ya get three fashionable textile pants for just around RM160!? No where yo. But that's not the point. Main thing is at least we went there as a family. To spend time together for an extended amount of time was great, plus... Not everytime i get to talk to dadee much and this four day vacation gave me the chance to.

The culture there's pretty much the same as Bali, so been there done that. Only difference is how much more modern J is. They've got shopping malls the size of Centre Point every 2 kilometers apart. Shopaholics please report to Jakarta for ridiculous discounts in Rupiah. Oh yes, the mini Apple Ds are soo cute.

We hired a driver along with a rental car which gave us alot of convenience when moving around the human infested country. One thing i love about J is the way they planned the town's road pattern. From the air you can see the whole of J is like some maze of roads all lined around the centre of the city. This makes for really straight roads and also a DECREASE in traffic lights becuz all you gotta do to get from A to B is drive on the main road leading to your destination (and stay on it). Unlike Sabah where every turn is a traffic light. Only problem there is the road systems are useless. Jakarta is OVAPOPULATED with peeps.. They have traffic jams 4 Kilometers long!!! Imagine chilling out in the car for 1 hour plus. Datang bulan pls. The second most horrible thing I've experienced in a car (Not menstruation).

People there are nice too. But they seriously need to stop earning cash in every way possible. No sh*t.
Instead of just begging for money on roadsides, they've gone a whole new level.
If you think getting help from people there is nice.. think again. Every "helping" hand out there is also a hand you give money for their simple and nonsense service. Even construction areas where you get guided through when driving requires you to give tips to the peeps who help you around. Ridiculous, because all the toilets there are free for use, or, GRATIS. Bahasa Malaysia there is retarded. Gratis means free. Parkir is parking. tidak ada is ngada. ice lemon is lemon dingin. And Toilet is kamar kecil. Good luck finding the toilet my fellow Sabahans.

Other than trying to understand their malay rap when establishing communication with humans there, we realized that most of the shop owners in J are actually of Chinese origin. Say WTF. You see... around few generations ago, Indonesians pwned Chinese heads. They literally killed my people. XD And those who survived were banned from being educated with their own language. So the rare and beautiful Chinese girls there don't speak Chinese. Huhuu time. But thank God for China Town!! haiya!! Food there was like... it was like... like... like here. Sasau sao rou bebeh. hahaha... Roast porkie. First time i had sate babii!! Nice man. John, you gotta try them out.

When we first got to our rented apartment (or apartmente in indo Malay), I'm embarrassed to say... i didn't bath for one day. Eeeew~ You shoulda feel the sexy sensation. But after that i buy liao one dark purple de towel. I'll love bathing now. This Zero bathing experience has taught me to bring my towel on future vacations no matter the place I'll be staying at, after all... why wouldn't i bring my towel next time? It's purple now!!!

While we were there, we also got the chance to witness a live volcano. At first when my mum told me we were gonna check it out, I thought it was cool. That is.. until i got there myself. =_O No lava no fun la... haih. Only pummels of smoke spewing from an unknown source lol. The area itself was COMPLETELY crowded. They soo need to sort out the areas tourists like us are most likely to visit. Their own local people are selling things with stores built near the observation sites. With this, how do you expect Garry to see lame active volcanoes in peace? even if they ARE lame? argh. And the crowds there, Oh...~ Suddenly H1N1 is a real threat.

Being in Jakarta was actually still a new experience. To be comforted about how cheap the high quality products are, to have Chinese people roaming about that don't speak Chinese but still are Chinese, to finally bath after one day (with the worlds' cutest towel), and also to have realised i might have been overdressing with normal clothes considering peeps in J are peeps not seen everyday here in Sabah where the grass grows greener WHOOTS!!! =P

All in all... i would sincerely love another one of these trips to other parts of the world to see, hear, smell, and sense with every other organ the places where unique and uncommon things dwell. CHINA!!!

I missed you... (Not China).