Sunday, February 15, 2009

About the Ups and Downs...

Time really does move fast. How long has it been since my last update? hmm..
During that time i haven't written, there has certainly been alot going on in life.
Let's see..

Firstly, there's paintball. again. (can't blame me for being trigger happy)
Normal people wouldn't actually play paintball that often, cuz it kinda' burns money pretty fast.. but since my elder couzin is leaving for further studies (like everyone else) i'll make an exception. Plus, the cash was generously sponsored to me by Tan Bui Hin's mum. ^^
Like usual, i would turn up at the range with inappropriate clothes. Inappropriate not meaning mini skirts or bras.. but with clothes normally reserved for shopping or sumthing of that ocassion. Guess i have too much confidence that i won't get shot. *regrets, but doesn't mind doing it again* getting hit four times square on in the neck isn't exactly pleasant, not counting you wrist slicing emo types. We've only had seven people then, not something i would call a crowd, but 4 on 3 firefights are okay. As supossed to 1 on 4. Which seems to happen sumtimes when everyone on the team was taken out except Vanessa Ting Yi (schoolmate, friend, and friend's girlfriend) and she had to endure multiple shots. Gotta say it's scary to see her getting pinned down while 4 others advance in to take the score..

After it all, i had this 1 on 1 paintball battle with Tan Bui Hin. We were always dissing each other at who was better and all that. And this could earn bragging rights for either person once and for all.. So i guess it was a fair trade..
Round one was just about okay, spectators not getting thrills from seeing only two guys ducking and shooting like their lives depend on it. And minutes later, i surfaced as the winner, scoring one as i hit his marker (not gun). And of course him saying it was a fluke. sure.
Checking and seeing that both of us had an average of ten pelletes left, round two existed once more.
And becuz we only had so much left to shoot, it was predictable each one was waiting for the other to exhaust their pellet supply..
This made for a very touching moment of "you shoot first". Stepping into a mud puddle sucks and motivated me to just go up to where he was and start finding shots. I actually danced a lil' in the open just to provoke him to waste his pellets. I have to say, having pellets less than 5 to shoot makes them extremely precious at that point. If not invaluable. In the end he simply ran out of pellets, and i. The official WINNER. (Bui Hin, if your seeing this, you suck.) >.<
I mean, i gotta give him a strong sense for revenge the next match right?
Felt good to let that out. muahahahaaa~
Even though he did shoot me twice, but the pellets didn't implode on impact. Which the rules themselves say DOES NOT COUNT.

The second happening during the absence of an update was.. a sports event!! =.=
But this one's different, it's not the normal, sissy, school sports. This one puts you against other schools.. basically, representing my school. Which is a long way of difference from just having a sports day IN school than FOR school. But i was never the one to love my own school. Lok Yuk. urgh. (All Lok Yukians reading this, if you have a right mind, you won't call me a betrayer, cuz you'd be one yourself) :P
Like all athletes, each of us have our own part to run for. Mine was the 400 meters hurdle run, and the 4x400 run. Which can also be called distance runs, becuz their not like 100 meters where you can sprint the whole way. This one needs endurance and strategy.. Like going slow at the start and then increasing in speed at the very end. I suck.
For the qualifying rounds it was simple & easy.. In fact some of the runners i was put against didn't even KNOW how to jump properly. Which WAS supposed to be jumping with "L" positioned legs. instead they jumped as high as they could. This, however, translates to landing slower and therefore making you unable to sprint earlier (cuz your freakin' legs aren't even on the ground yet, no friction dude)
With that said, i ended up first place.. but that was just the qualifying. The finals however, were a totally different story. It was my downfall.
Not only was i in sleeping mode, i wore the wrong shoe size. *curses*
My shoe size is 8, okay? i took someone elses shoe.. which was 6. How was i supposed to squeeze my foot in a sardine can?!
But waddayanoe.. I squeezed my foot in. and yes darling, it hurts.
The explanations of how the size six got there, i'll leave it for another day.
The point is, i Lost. okay? i don't like saying that.. but i did.

But there was something i realised from the whole time i was at the complex..
Lok Yuk peeps are hella fun to be with. The stupidity involved, the illogical crazies, and of course.. the support they gave. I can tell you, our school was the loudest cheer of the three day long event. And that's what i love about them.. You'll get to experience it when you go in for a run.. prepping everything and standing in lane, with the speaker announcing your name and the number of the lane your in.. The cheer they give is enough for a motivation to give your best.
reminds me of Powerhouse, where each of us are friendly to another.. and the atmosphere can almost be felt..

Speaking of which, i really hope this year powerhouse will grow.. Not just with the number of people involved, but individually grow as well.. That we may also spread out, grow wider roots.. and then others will see.. Love is something i have learned very much not to underestimate.. It definitely works in ways we do not understand. And yeah, it is what God has shown us.

Needless to say, i certainly have had my share of both pain and happiness. Things go Up.. and things also come Down. There are not many chances that we remain happy for long. Things will sometimes go wrong.. I have imperfections, disappointments, sorrow, and also things that hurt for quite some time.. I can understand though i may seem clueless.. and i try hard to hold back from things my heart leads me to..

I sure hope i hang on through these turbulent times..

"I've silently fallen"

Sunday, February 1, 2009


i've silently fallen