Monday, March 30, 2009

Before the hour of decisions..

Tomorrow will be the day that pays every effort we made, every sweat, every forgiving feel, and every other thing we held back from. Tomorrow will have the power to lift all the waiting my heart has been through. Because tomorrow is the day we dance, as a crew, under the eyes of the teacher. When every move we make will tell stories to eyes. With confidence, i say we win this, and bring what we have to the floors of the finals. This year, no more convent.

Since this morning, our members have been trying to get memo's from the teachers to give us permission to skip class and get on with our practice. Of course everyone would love to just get an hour off, and we all did. I was unusually hyped for this practice.. but i wasn't sure why. Anyway.. I enjoyed every minute of it till school was over and 5pm draw ed to a close.

We slightly perfected our routines with repetitive replays and all.. even mixing in volleyball practice in the middle of our schedule. Eshley was our coach, more of a guider, and taught us a few things on how we could improve our game. It's obvious we have a few things wrong going on, but we'll be better in due time. His guidance is actually good, not common finding someone who pays attention to each individual within the team. I'd say he's good in giving out advices. Even made a deal that he'd teach me volleyball and in turn I'd train him in dancing. Not bad for a deal.. weeeeeeeeeee...

In the last few minutes we had left before moving out of school, we took the last chance to dance it over once again. To be honest, I'm thinking we'd get through whats planned tomorrow. Teacher, you will see what unity has for you.

Just pray with us and hope that we'll make it through tomorrow with the 'test'. Cuz if she doesn't at least see this, the students will.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Random post..

Most, if not all people know that i absolutely adore dancing. One of the many things i don't think I'll ever give up on. yet. There's just that sense of freedom i find.. and the way one movement links to another. An art in every sense of the word. Oh bah.

Sometimes i'd think of just bringing everyone together and teach them a few moves.. Choreographed or not, i don't care. If they'd like to freestyle I'd be more than happy to help them with that particular skill. Becuz freestyling in itself is actually different from choreographed or 'planned dancing'. Don't think i have the rights to say what it specifically is.. but here's what i would say about it when put into words. "a type of dance that lets the mind think freely of transition between moves, a skill that motivates creativity and allows pleasure and enjoyment while doing so". Now that was gay. i meant happy.

Just few days ago i was asked if i wanted in on the volleyball activities, cuz there's like a competition for it around the 13th - 14th of April or so.. and it's like Uber close to the dance competition which our crew is also taking part in on the 12th. That's practically a 24 hour difference oh.. like dance, sleep, wake up, and volleyball time. But these are, after all.. enjoyable.

Earth hour 2009 just passed like.. 2 hours ago. It's a plan to 'save the world'. As if electrical energy was ever a natural resource.. pfft. Anyway, many of us DID participate in said event. A so called global activity that so far none i see have taken part in. I was like the only one with a dark house while people on the other side blingged their homes.. and the delight of having to cope with the lovely flying buzzing blood-sucking creatures makes it all the more lovelier.. awww~ feel the love people.

The one thing i can't seem to get, is why people just stick to their cliques (groups) and have no apparent ability to socialize with people of identical interests from other groups. hmm.. i mean.. why don't the Chinese just start talking to the Malays and maybe, just maybe we'll get somewhere.. When each side doesn't have to pummel and/or shoulder-ram when they meet walking towards each other? I shall say no more..

I realised the biggest contributor to making me despise school, is the fact that we students have to wake up early. Seriously, i hate mornings. But don't get me wrong.. i love it when the sun ain't shining bright enough and the winds a chilling. I just hate that i wake up 5 in the morn' to open books. It just isn't my style.. who's style is it anyway? O.o And yes, I'm very lazy..~

These few days in class.. people around me ask why i seem so emotional and quiet. To say the truth, i don't even know i seemed that way. I guess it's like post-traumatic stress or something.. cuz of what happened since SMC (Silent Motion Crew) won the Lok Yuk Talent Scout competition. Made me think alot about decision decision decisions.. never even thought the burden of making decisions - both with a consequence of it's own - would leave such a scar. But i guess it's nearly over now, with what the teacher said about seeing how we would do with or without the girls (XOXO) only then would she choose if they were to follow us if we did better with them involved. "of course they will" was what my sister said. I too.. strongly believe that as a fact. Each of us has different styles of dancing, and to me that doesn't set the skill level for anyone. We're equal in this. I can't do what they can. Because in my eyes i saw them win before the competition even started. But like the teacher said : Don't put your hopes too high on this. I will.

Rain rain.. go away.. come again some other day.. come to think of it, i actually appreciate the rain these days. Unlike the start of the year that seemed like a monsoon with rain almost everyday for a month and i hated it. But seeing the heat as it is now, i more than welcome rain (except when i want volleyball). It just sweeps the heat and kepanasan far far away.. and makes for a very relaxing moment when i have a deep desire to sleep the day away..

SMK Lok Yuk, in my opinion.. needs some new amps and AVA system pronto. It's been sucking at it's job since the day i set foot in that school. I mean.. why would they use the ancient sound system for the talent show (which mind you needs some heavy bass A.K.A. kickass music) when it can't even play "Negaraku" nicely?! The schools' always fast to raise funds for the new buildings and the air-conditioning systems for the library, now they should seriously focus on getting the AVA replaced not fixed. Then maybe we'll actually have a good event going on. If you were there at the talent scout competition, you would've just wanted to climb the walls and pull the speakers down cuz that's where they belong. down. The girls running the show that day had to resort to using an XPLOD system radio (which in itself was rather impressive, courtesy of Angelica). The radio was loud and fine, the way we teenagers like it. Until the crowd takes heroin and cheers. Their screams literally drowning out the radio's bass. We here at SMC also got our show degraded by the school's sound system. Unable to hear the actual beats from the bass, we messed up our moves and in turn some got disappointed with the show. Yet SMC won the overall rankings and took 1st. I still hate that system though..
You girls did good that day.. i'm serious.

Well.. it all comes to a close. Hope and pray that our efforts, both SMC & XOXO, pull through and the teacher sees how much more beautifully animated the dance combination would be with the girls..~~

"United as one" -I will support you.

Tasks Tasks Tasks...

You know it's rather annoying when you have to do like.. so much.. ahh..
Especially when it's not one single thing like homework, but rather a whole bunch of different things.. ouch.

For one, I'm the class monitor (it means i MONITOR the class). Boring and lame, i know. But it's task loaded too. or at least i think it is. But unlike all the other class monitors, I happen to take the job for the 'bendahari'. Just because she's not good in communicating with the people in class. Yeah.. she talks to the Chinese.. but not all.. let alone the others. So i basically help her ask for money.. *yay*

Then there's the Seekers club. The teacher in charge of all the curricular activities (note that he has limited thinking skill), has parted form 4s from the form 5s which means we practically lose much our guidance from the seniors, not to mention assets and personel we that previously assisted us in both the ministry and service. Right now they would come find me and ask if i can play the guitar.. or sing.. or.. well.. maybe preach or prepare bible teachings.. i'm not ready for that. At least not at this time where dancing and volleyball has kept me pinned and i like it. O.o

The other things though.. are more of personal 'to-do-things'. Like drawing people's names or designing shirts.. or simply unconsciously promising people i'll help them write their name with tribal designs and creative artwork. Why did i do that?!

With all these around, i can't even afford leisure~ *looks at swimming pool* but at least two things that keep me occupied are more of things that i have passion for and enjoy doing. Someone's gonna destroy the fun sooner or later anyway: like giving me another new task. %$#!@!!

Thank God this year has given me time to recover from crap. Though it has given me more burden than any since the start of the year, I believe i'll make it though. As i always have been.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Final word, but not the final breath..

It should be super obvious now, the way everything went about.. it was never pleasing for a second. And yet i can manage to smile..

It was bad, then real bad, then worse, worst, and finally it went over the point everyone was going to break. The part where there's barely motive to dance, and where everything had no meaning at all..
Then we prayed.

It all started with a member of our crew that left the dance. Not many that cared much about him. Though i must admit i was very disappointed and sad at the decisions made, we all just wanted to get on with it and finish what we started. But just after his leave, The interact club teacher found out about our plan to unite both crews even as we were the only 'winners' (i don't really find comfort in that word ). Suffice to say that she wasn't in favour of it.. and this led to another problem that i just couldn't seem to take anymore. Being in and out of constant thought, drifting off to places in class, and the feeling of just wanting to get the hell out of everyone's presence. Immature, i know.

But just before the start of today, half the crew took the time to pray for the planning and to guide the teacher in her decision. Seemed the teacher gave us the inevitable task of a test to see which would be better: Us - the original, or.. united as one with XOXO.. Now if we could just perfect it.~~

We then went to meet our crew drop-out. Which was real bad the way he acted on us.. but i forgive him. Immediately after that, i addressed the issues and we planned carefully to give ease on both sides.. it was never easy and always hard in these kinds of things.. but we made it at last.
Now our crew is complete and i can finally rest, with all the stressing out since day one. This was my holiday, thank you God for everything.

Gotta say i'm relieved of all the burden of decisions made. And understanding is coming over each one of us. Now i pray that this unity and new found strength will bring us through. Lord help us on this, again.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Words before war..

If you haven't read the previous post, then i suggest you do. This is what continues..

PRIDE is the GREATEST enemy. Those words i've come to take seriously when I started serving in church ministry. I've been through it and yes, it feels good to have that sense of 'superiority'. But no more..
I know that i'm not mature enough. I know that i'm not the most understanding one. But I know what pride changes the reason a person dances for..

Any talent can evoke a sense of pride. Especially dancing, and it's vital that anyone with a talent for dancing also have a humble heart. It's been hard trying to cope with the desires our crew, and it's harder when words, promises we made start to wind up on a different path. We don't remember what was said. We don't understand how much it meant.

Like the post before, we made a deal and a plan to unite both xoxo and Silent Motion together if either one won. Now tell me.. if xoxo had won, wouldn't we be siding with them through the finals? and the other way round?
One of us didn't see that.

During the competition, it was a struggle for first and second place, as only the two positions would guarantee access to the finals. The first place winners will also be able to bring with them anyone they intend to. With what was planned, if either one of us won.. the winning crew would bring the other to the finals. A word most of us planned to keep..

In the end we won, and i was glad to have our crew take first place. All that mattered next was to bring xoxo with us, as agreed. But one of us forgot what was said from the start, chose to ignore a promise.. I couldn't believe what was said from that person. As if he was someone else.
At that point we all knew, pride had taken him.

But some of us knew that bringing the girls in and getting them involved with the finals was the right thing to do. Even though it was hard to get away from criticism. Please understand that it's not because I'm a 'ladies man'.. don't see me that way. But it's because of what we promised as a crew. And just because we won, doesn't give the rest of us the award to break what we said. They will still be with us. The effort ALL of you have made is kinda' beyond words. The way all of you pull through difficult times and when arguments and disagreements came, you girls sticked together. I wasn't blind cuz i was at the practices.. I believe all of you deserve this. I don't care if people think I'm stupid or sick.

xoxo, if your crew gets forgotten and taken out of this event, i will back myself out of this. Because by then dancing wouldn't mean as much as it did. the passion. the unity.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Just a Little something...

Just an update on how i've been doing these times of year...

As usual, my Academics suck and my dancing has gone a long way since i just started, which is about one year and a half ago. Suffice to say.. I truly enjoy dancing.. even to the very limit where homework starts to fall back and getting lectured is a certain luxury. But yeah, i Do mind about my future.... sometimes.

You see.. when we start something uber pleasurable, like... you know... stuff. hahahhaaha well.. you kinda' need to get yourself back. Dancing is something like a good & bad thingy. Good if you can control yourself, and bad if you can't manage your time like a real dude. Obviously i have some "issues" on stuff as such. Time management and Self-control aren't really my thing. SURE i can control myself when it comes to situations like desires and temptations, and manage time within a certain amount of time needed before due date of a dance competition. But things like those only apply to me when i enjoy it most. Something i have yet learned to learn. O.o

I know at this point your like.. "this guy useless la.." and i say to you.. "true."

Well... yeah.. that's about it.

Friday, March 6, 2009

The way we seperate things...

Just few minutes ago, i was wondering, thinking, finding what i've missed out on these couple of days in my own world.. and i realised one thing; I didn't just ignore my blog. And so here i am.. now listen to what i've become.

Ever since two weeks ago.. many things have passed, obviously. The current hype that's going on is our school's very own 'Lok Yuk's Got Talent' event. Basically an event pitting contestants of all forms and styles alike against each other in a talent competition, hence the name. LOL. Not so much as a talent show than a competition categorized under singing and dancing. It's been the culture of every school to either sing or dance, and so far, up until now, no one has yet to do something other than.. like... magic shows.. or... walking on stilts.. or... jump roping... So expect to see the exact same thing. But of course, it never gets tiring.

This year, unlike the past, we're doing things a lil' bit more differently. In the year 2008 i formed a dance crew here in SMK Lok Yuk mainly for 2 reasons. The first, I realised quite a few of us enjoy what we do most, dancing. And secondly, Our school has a lack of dancers which has us not winning anything from the Interact Competitions that most of the schools take part in. Simplified? we suck. And so Bass Angels was born, at least for a while. Our members couldn't meet up as often and we had no financial back-up. Plus the crew organizing and recruiting was always less than pleasing, always someone not in favor of how things were being run. As time passed our lil' group just slowly separated...

But then somewhere around mid-year a group of dancers, both experienced and dance-loving, came together and started planning for the Talent show that same year. We won the first comp in school and was to be sent to the finals. Though we didn't claim 1st prize and fell in 3rd, there was nothing that backed us down. We went for it and eventually wound up giving performances when in demand. One of the performances which, people more knew as the one that had taken place at the opening ceremony in 1 Borneo. From there on we named our crew BCJ (Body Care Juniors) as we received invaluable support from the Body Care Dance Studio located in Damai. One of our members was the son of the person in charge at the studio, which was how we could get help from a local dance studio.

So... like i said, this year things will be done differently, mainly becuz part of our crew has broken of and separated from the person that had brought us closer to the studio. Now we're on our own, needing to practice at the school hall instead of a full mirror walled studio. But so far it seems, we've been doing better than before.. more efficient, more argument-free, more... satisfaction within what's left of our crew, which now stands at a number of four people listed as me, Kamal, Azhar, and Floyd.

We've just been practicing a week, focusing on choreography and music selection alone. And yet we've been faster in progress than when we were a full 7 man team (Not counting girls yet). Right now our crew is taking the 'Jabbawockeez' dance routine. It's simple, synchronized, and full of cool tricks we've tailor-made for each individual involved. It should make for an interesting show.

Of course, other than us.. there will be others competing. All of which we don't mind of.. Another group of girls, which we are quite close to, are also competing in said event. And we've come to a strategy that all of us agree to.. :When either one of us has won, the winning team will bring the other to the finals.. It's basically our insurance to winning. Becuz we're quite convinced only one of the two of us will get to the finals, If either one wins, we'll all go there anyway. In unity i guess.. ^^

Details on the dance for each team are...
The girls team, named xoxo, for un-obvious reasons, will be taking the dance routine of a famous group called Girl's Generation. And the song they have chosen is Gee, also a product of Girl's Generation. Their style of dance is modern with a pinch of sexiness and femininity. On top of that, it's cute. seriously.

Our team however, named Silent Motion O.o, will be taking the dance routine from an also famous dance crew from the United States called, Jabbawockeez. The song we have chosen.. is a mix of four soundtracks made by the Jabbas themselves. Our style of dance is modern hip hop along with some old-school flavour. Popping, waving, and breaking will be essential to our choreography. With strong faith, i hope either one of us will win. It doesn't matter which of us do, we're all going the same place. So.. it's only a matter of time...