Friday, June 19, 2009

Not again...

Feeling pain i've felt before...

And no, it's not the "my beloved has left me" pain. I'm talking bout memories of getting my left leg busted for over 6 months.

Yea.. 6 months.

For all those who know me, I'm a person who has fallen in love doing crazy, otherwise stupid things. Like climbing 2 story balconies just to get in my house cuz i forgot to bring my keys. Yes, people, i know it's dumb. In fact, i don't always walk like normal people do from point A to point B. There always has to be some kind of obstacle i don't feel like going around, but instead going over or through it.

Typical me.

Other than that, dancing is simply a part of me. I can never have enough, and i can never stop to think of newer, sicker moves. Which is all the more of a burden on my leg. Since all these actions inflict serious impacts on my legs. impact = damage = pain = hospital = x-ray = surgery = retarded walking = zero dance capability. nice equation eh?

Oh yes, my leg. The reason i had surgery in 2008 was because i tore a part of my knee known to doctors as the 'meniscus'. The meniscus helps absorb energy from impacts we all face in life, like falling from a height. If you tear that, it's gonna give you 11 out of 10 pain ratings, and you won't be able to do daily activities that involve the use of your legs. Physical pain is just the first, after that comes financial pain. The part where you realise your paying 10,000 ringgit to get your legs fixed. Thanks goes to God because my mum bought insurance for me 4 months before i got my leg useless. So please love your meniscus and don't tear it. Cuz I've been there, and I'm sorry.

Right now, June of 2009, I'm feeling barely tolerable pain in the same area of my knee. Difference is.. This time it's my right leg (the okay leg). I soo hope i don't have to go through surgery again. It's not pleasant. really. And 6 months not dancing would kill me. Know me, and you'll understand i can't stay still for long.

Either way.. Just hope this pain is just something of temporary annoyance.
Pray for me will you..

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Uber overjoyed. Uber tired..

So.. right now I'm really really really tired. No kidding.
it's just like 12.52am and I'm already wanting to sleep Sooo badly. *snores* *snorts*

Dang... Grreen is so nice.

ANYWAY!! I'm so happy and satisfied for the dance team back in Eklektos (which i haven't told you why, and will do so now). Just at the start of the week, i was chatting on msn (which we all do). Then out of the blue, Miss Jessica Chen asked me if i could help out with a hip-hop dance for an event that Pastor Jay Koopman was gonna preach in. If i could contribute a lil' why not? So i helped out with it. Only thing was we had less than 5 days or so to complete it. And the dance wasn't even eight beats complete when they came to my place for the choreography. Which is by far the ONLY dance i have ever done from scratch (mind you that it's 3 to 4 minutes long), and possibly something close to insane considering the event will harbour a boat load of people.

EEeeeww. A cockroach just flew into my room. WHY?! Satan..

We started out with the intro, then the choreo for each part of the song, and finally the polishing. It's not really that simple, cuz experience-wise its actually a long story. But of course, you peeps won't wanna read my blog if it's too long. T.T

Throughout the days we had, attendance of the dance members wasn't exactly ---
the thought of a cockroach in my mouth when i sleep is bothering me now -- consistent and early. Which to sum it all up means we didn't actually really seriously have five days, and according to my emotional calculation means approximately 4 days of R.E.A.L. practice. Ideas ran out pwetty quickly too. Especially when it's eight in the morning and coffee isn't in my system. But we prayed and sometimes ideas boom in so fast i forget what i just choreographed. awesome.

What i liked about the practices though.. was how everyone enjoyed themselves. They didn't visibly stress out and there was always something random to be heard. Chocolate. I liked the atmosphere and the company of their laughters. I might seem gay at this point, but I'm not. So thank you, dancers. really.

Crazily on the day before the big event, we weren't finished with the choreo. Say OMG. But i didn't mind, cuz all the dancers still had the determination to learn the moves and memorise them quickly. Like Carmen saying "wo bu yao, continue" & Michelle saying "quai yi dian jiao wo" and Jessica hitting me? If it had been my crew? we'd probably give up and the whole dance would turn into a freestyle show. Which would really be suckie.

(i think the cockroach is making me feel like NOT sleeping)

In the last moments i had to leave with the ending undone. Hoping they could manage it well, and hoping everyone would remember everything taught that day... Trying to keep messaging to know if everything had went well or not.

Saturday, Showtime.

The day had come, and the event would take place at 7.30pm. Service time. In the morning Miss Sammy ku~ suddenly informed me the last minute that the early morning 8am practice was cancelled (luckily i was tired and a lil' lazy, so i woke up late and hadn't already taken the drive halfway there). The practice was postponed to 4 in the afternoon, but i couldn't attend because i chilled out with my family at the beach till 7 where the mosquitoes loved me. I urged my dad to go fast and furious so i got there just in time when it had started. The girls seemed nervous at that time, which in turn made me nervous. Gritz blew out the speakers and the music was in motion.

The whole thing went on while the crowd watched.

And i gotta hand it to them, the ending especially, was

So you may wanna know what i think of it...
simplified. I'm proud to have been part of the team. They showed everything they had that night. And to know it was a product of just 5 days flat. It couldn't have been less than what i expected. I had the sense of satisfaction and joy that night. Sure, they might have messed up here and there, but I'm proud of them. Even for those who weren't on the dance floor. I'm very sure God is too..

One week? You guys did it in
less than 5 days. A performance for an event many were there for. Take ease in it. It was well done. *applause, people*

-Glad to have known your smiles and laughters during the practices. Keep up the moves. remember the choreography. Thank YOU~~

.:Fox:. / .:BabYLioN:.