Saturday, August 15, 2009


Celebrity. What does it feel like to be a celebrity..?
Just this morning, our school's biggest event took place. Read my older posts and you'll know.

MUSIC FEST!!! of 2009!!
Organised by Lok Yuk and managed mostly by Pn. Niti, teacher of arts, it's the biggest thing to hit the school. yet. With about an estimated 600+ people as the audience (not counting performers and teachers) it wus awesome. The attendance alone was amazing, since we Lok Yukians don't really party hard. Of course, appreciation of the event even happening has to go to Pn. Niti. Heard of the things she's in charge of, and the things that put her under enormous weight. With all that, i thank her for the happening.

Okay.. This event gives those who love music and dancing a chance to showcase their skills. Which means bands and dancers. You'd think our crew (SMC) would've joined this at first thought, but we didn't. That is.. until a few teachers requested for us to perform. And so we did.

We started choreography about 2 or 3 weeks before, not only for music fest but also for another event known widely by the hip-hop community as the "HiP-HoP ConVenTiON 09". Ngam ngam this other event also takes place on the same date as music fest. Walaoweh. Which is August 15 (today lol).

This morning my mum had me and Andie sent to school via car, arriving there at around 7+. We just chilled around until the other members of my crew were in sight. We regrouped, got ourselves registered, and went over the choreo and the dressing. Stressing **** because of the tension, afraid of messing up big time, and also because the fedora hats we needed still weren't available. Teacher Niti had high hopes on us, in turn.. weighing us down. She even tried to make the whole event start earlier and placed us as the opening before everything because she knew we were gonna have another presentation in Asia city. Me and the crew say nothing but the teacher views us as celebrities. pfft?

Music fest gets on with intro speeches and before we can stress more **** we're on stage. Our dance messes up very lil' and the teacher is happy. We're happy too lol. The crew moves outside to an empty class and cools off. Sweat and all. Soon one of our crew member's mother drives us to Asia city for the second coming event. Hip-Hop COnventIon.

It starts at 11am. Or so it was supposed to be!!! The judges came late, forcing the event on hold until 12.30 sumthing. WTFudge~ But at least our crew had the chance to fill empty stomachs. With coke floats. During the ONE HOUR PLUS free time, all the Bboys do their freestyle on the stage. Some of them moves impress me. Say like... 1990, 2000, headspin, airchair, one hand-hand hops, and sick transitions between sick powermoves (sorry if you don't understand Bboy moves) heheee. The one Bboy that awes me most is this so called Bboy Heat. Aged 15. Cool wacko. He could transition from a flare to windmill to headspin to a cricket and end it with a spin out. I'm freakin' 16 and suddenly i suck.

After sitting down till the blood from my butt is gone, the competition starts. We get prepped and sit among the crowds waiting for our turn as the fourth crew to present. after 1,2, and 3 are done.. our crew's pumped, feeling the winning. Since the crews before us weren't that good. Move to the side of the stage, the MC announces us, and we make our appearance on stage.

During the dance, it was pure excitement, pure strength, pure confidence. Unlike dancing in school, where everyone gives applauses almost as if in formality, peeps down Asia city are beat driven and scream/shout. The support and confidence that gives just fuels our popping and waving routines. Further enhancing the overall dance. Aww... you should really feel it.

Feeling we made good impression, we got off stage, and observed the other crews that were to come after us in the performance. All in all, the only crew that worried me most was this TDC. Yet i can't remember the full form of the name. They had God knows how much dancers on stage while we had only four (Kamal, Azhar, Ricky, Me). And they were synchronized pretty well.

After about an hours' worth of Freestyle Bboy battle AGAIN, the results are out.

We totally got into the finals along with four other crews, if i remember right. And the Finals will be Tomorrow!! weeeeeeeeeeee~~~~~~~!!!!! I'm so hyped for round two.

Moving around in centre point after that was also a good feeling. Some peeps recognize us and greet us when met. And the rest just simply greeted us because of the uniformed clothes we wore that read "Nice to meet you". hahaahaaa.... a cute message for the world.

Anyway, just an update i tried to make in the time i should be sleeping for the competition tomorrow. Wish us luck.