Friday, January 30, 2009

Enough Fun For One Day.

Today was REAL good. Maybe just becuz i got satisfied from paintball..

In fact, i was so afraid of missing it by NOT waking up that i stayed up all night. BAD MOVE.

Staying online for infinity wasn't exactly the best choice, though i have to say not sleeping made me kinda' fresh at 6 in the morn'. My mother then drove me out, fetched ma' couzin (Tan Bui Hin) from his house, and dropped us at the gate entrance in school. There we waited a few minutes for the rest to arrive, then, after making sure all was in check, our lil' group of cars followed the organizer to the locale we were gonna paint each other. A little detour through dreamland kept me company through the drive there. Finally we got to Area 21 (paintball range), got off, and signed in our names and all. Giving a few more minutes waiting for the others to come while the Marshall's load up our gear. Around 15 minutes later, we were given a briefing by one of the Marshall's bout' safety and all. IT'S ALWAYS ABOUT SAFETY.

who knows? maybe we might accidentally kill each other with pellets.

After the lil' education about how the game works and how to use the paintball "marker" (not called a gun for obvious reasons, becuz it's not), Round 1 was set for pure excitement. Getting the mask to fit our brains, donning the safety vest, and getting a grip for our markers was enough to start adrenaline mode. Now.. the Rules.

Rule number #1-

Get hit, meaning the pellet explodes on ANY part of your body including the marker, means your out. Doesn't matter what miracle happened, if the Marshall says your out, then your OUT.

Rule number #2-

Always keep your mask ON while in the range, take it off and the Marshall will scold you like your 5.

Rule number #3-

Do NOT take off the barrel sock (something similar to the socks on your foot, but used to cover the barrel), or turn your safety pin off (a safety system used to lock the trigger) when the Marshall hasn't told you to do so. or suffer the consequence of rule #2.

Rule number #4-

Don't crossfire (meaning shooting a path your friend is about to pass).

Rule number #5-

When your seriously, totally, insanely, illogically, joyfully, vengefully, determinedly, or ridiculously close to whoever it is your gonna paint, don't shoot. Instead, just yell, scream, shout, giggle, or say FREEZE. This will be the equivalent of shooting him/her but without satisfaction.

Rule number #6-

DON'T SHOOT THE MARSHALL, HE WILL SHOOT YOU BACK. At least that's what he said while laughing.

Now that i've established an understanding unto those who never abide these golden laws of paint balling, let's get back to the field.

Each team, which consists of five per team, starts out on different ends of the field. Which according to my inaccurate calculation, is about 100 yards from one end to the other. The Marshall's will give time to both teams to discuss which part of the body they want to shoot, to discuss tactics, strategy, and movement. There will be one leader in each team. I Love my job.

But of course, what use will be of a leader if he doesn't have good team? :D
Then the Marshall's will give a ten second countdown, during that time each individual should already have taken off their barrel sock, and switched the safety to off. When it's reached zero hour, they can let er' rip. blablabla until one team has all their shooters kaput. The winning team is the last one standing.

Normally we would have like... Round One players play about 4 rounds, then they stop, and the Round Two players come in and play 4 rounds as well.

Without eating breakfast, and having absolutely no sleep at all, I played both rounds (stupid). By the time it was the 2ND round for Round Two players, my legs were jelly. Running became jogging, and brain processing became slow due to the lack of sugar levels and oxygenated blood. O.o

Either way, we won. It needs more than just shooting skills and run speed to get to the top. It needs good communication (Barking orders until someone turns around to listen), good strategy (ask one guy to deliver hell to keep the enemy hiding while his sneaking ninja friend moves to another bunker. And obviously support, which means helping out your friend who's having a hard time against 4 people while no one notices you. And girls actually make up a good team, I played with a few girls on our team and.. well.. let's just say they listen more clearly and seem to help each other. Cuz boys have that whole "One man army" thing going on. Funny how we boys like to go solo. Not to say i go solo all the time, i love to help those bunkered down. Especially guiding a lil' kid named Shawn.. or.. Shaun. IDK.

Not bad for someone his age, being able to take out two boys my age all by himself. They told me to guard him, cuz he was the smallest. But i guess he could hold out on his own. The one thing i realise that makes it so easy for him to paint people, is that whenever he's the only threat, the enemy seem to just walk out from their bunker trying to get a better shot at him. When people my age are a threat however.. The enemy would just stay behind cover at all times. Well.. it's more fair fro Shawn/Shaun anyway~ :D

And yeah, people love to ask if it hurts getting shot. Hhmm.... a lil bit, yeah.
I got shot about 8 times throughout. Most of them didn't burst on impact, so i was safe from being out. But still, they could be felt. Thank you Angel. (it's a name)
I would post a picture of the wound... but.. Rating Pending. 18+ please.
The Marshall's said they would be upgrading the place by the month of May or June. The place we were playing with this time only had tyres for bunkering. The next one will be fitted with Air bunkers, a bunker made by blowing air into this... balloon-like thingy. a VERY large balloon-like thingy. SO we guessed we were gonna go back around that month, hopefully with more friends. Maybe bringing Andrea is possible, :D my sis however.. well.. she doesn't really like things that shoot. Considering i play guns at home all the time. even now. *winks*
The MORE the MERRIER marh~~ kan?
I've been playing so constantly this time that i haven't had the chance to see others play myself. Cuz i was never on the outside when there was action going on.
Oh well... Always a next time. ^^

Monday, January 26, 2009

New Year, again.

Okay, this isn't actually a new year. Cuz it already is.
It's CHINESE NEW YEAR!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~
This chinese new year, all Lok Yukians were given ten days of harmony & peace. To enjoy our holiday. For now. Cuz homework and assignments isn't exactly my idea of a holiday... oh well, it IS form 4 right? wait till we get to 5.
It's just been until now, which is Tuesday? sorry, i lost track of time..
It's just been until now, that i've been enjoying free time.. and i LOVE it.
Right about few hours ago (six hours). Our family went out to this open house of my dad's friend or whatever. He has a big house, even i wouldn't know what to put in, and we had dinner there. The food was nice.. or great. and the atmosphere was peace and calm, considering there wasn't that many people there.. THEN, came the drumming, and the gong-ing, and the lion dance truck loaded with peeps ready to boogaloo. (i wonder why i effin hate lion dances)
They got off and started moving the stunt-crap-structure they use to hop around on, and dressed up in the lion thingy. *gives disgusted look*
(maybe i hate the noise, or maybe just the dance repeating every year)
The rhythm starts, starts to suck, and they go around sniffing people up (are they lions or.. wad.. dogs?) by the looks of it, they were kinda' amatuer in this kind of gig, probably last minute trained in the arts of lionizing. I was hoping they would cheer me up, or give a nice show. But they just didn't make it seem real enough (Maybe it seemed real before, cuz i was a kid O.o)
i didn't like what i saw.. until the part ONE, SINGLE, PROFESSIONAL, GRACEFUL, LION-LIKE, lion went up for the finale- the part it jumps around till the vegetable's chewed and some chinese scripture rolls out. Probably they asked another crew a favour to help them give a REAL show. Cuz the rest wasn't all that good. The ONE was. The crew that was giving the lionizing show was made up of non-chinese, not to be racist about this.. but.. i prefer the good old days when they would rock up everything and NOT cuztomize the drum beats into some bamboo boogaloo bass. Which was what they did. c'mon, i want the original.
After that they simply blew up the place, literally. With firecrackers of course.
Plowing through the billowing smoke shaking hands was what we did before making the exit to the car. At that point, red packets didn't matter. I just wanted to get the heck out.
And that was all. Right now i just hope i don't mess up the rest of the hols doing pointless things.. I STILL LOVE YOU. Powerhouse. :p

Sunday, January 25, 2009


There is nothing more to say.
I've lept through all the thoughts.
You already knew in the beginning.
And i found out in the end.
I still believe i didn't waste my time.
In everything believed in and everything hoped for.
I never needed to walk down memory lane.
But you brought me there.
It was said the past is forgotten.
But in fact it kept coming back.
I can't follow you down this road anymore.
But our journey doesn't end here.
I will remain the person i am.
Unchanged, but not fallen..
There is a reason i love pianos.
There is a reason i love chocolate.
There is a reason why i dance late at night.
I don't want to feel the way most do in this part.
I don't want to go through all the obstacles just to know the truth.
Maybe knowing nothing is better than knowing at all.
I understand his word now.
His message was clear.
His desire was strong. And he was willing to make a move.
The person i am. I would never be able to muster all the confidence i have.
It's just the way i was made.
There was always more than one road.
The one that fails.
The one that succeeds.
And the one you make.
At any point in life.
We cannot judge the mistake.
Only in the end we will know.
Forgive me. Tell me so.
Understand all that i have wrote.
Comfort doesn't come from friends anymore.
Maybe it's best i live on his word alone.
I don't need to ask. It's worth it.
It was enough of an understanding.
To see the way you didn't turn around.
I won't say i'm sad.
I won't say i'm hurt.
Can i say i'm not?
The reasons.
The sacrifices.
The thought.
They were all something.
They were not leading to nothing.
The way i see it.
You've changed for the better.
And i'm glad.
People always said:
"If she's happy, i'm happy too"
Those are words for pity.
I don't deserve any.
If it's meant to be.
We will still see..

Friday, January 16, 2009

Everything since..

I've said before that my class is suited for me, yes? Not exactly.

well.. what i meant by that cheesy heading, isn't that i dislike my class.. i mean, it's where i socialise most of the time.. where i've made friends. I like it. But... It seems my mind needs to be purged clean of all the goofy/funky fresh thoughts and words. Seems the longer i am there, the more inapropriate & creepy things go in my head. the fact is.. i'm being infected by viruses, not the bilogical type. Not the digital Computerised type. But, well.. just the SICK type. Not that i'm all "situation critical".. Just that i've gotta remember the Garry i am. For those who read, i believe you fully understand what i'm not stating. And that no unnecessary freaky words need to be put up right here >^&%$%$*%%$*&<
It's been just barely a month since school has started, most peeps, if not all, are starting to get used to everything, the people around them, the seating positions, and possibly the responsibilities given. yesh? yeah.
Only thing that remains to be the thorn in the butt.. may be the academics. specifically the homework. "piles" of homework. That was a word given to me by someone, signifying the complete stressness package. Don't worry, there's more to come around.. This is where i thank God once more for my class.
Right now, other than holding class monitor, representative of the sports team "Zuhal", and naik timbalan. I am the Board Decorator and assistant dance choreographer for Seekers.. yay. What does a Board Decorator do? was the question i asked. Here's the Answer: "you decorate boards" The pressure's on to keep it beautified, since the Seekers Society has been winning the Best Board Award last year, hence winning RM100 in cash prize as well as a LOADED hamper.
So yeah, i hope i don't let over 60 people down. Luckily.. on the 15th of January.. Which was my birthday.. everyone made me feel special.. wakakakaka O.o
Just before that day i didn't think people would remember my birthday. Cuz normaly people would go "ui, it's your birthday tomorrow!!" as if they think you forgot your birthday. AS IF. hahahahaha
But no one mentioned that to me.. so yeah. i kinda' expected to be forgotten. >.<
Next day, i go up to my class..
And i get OWNED. Getting sprayed in the face and hair with a can of party string at pointblank range. Wooo hooooo~~~~
also followed by wishes as i come through the back door. Gotta heart it. Then i got home baked cookies from Liyana.. Thanks Liyana!!!
And then i saw Jess, just outside the class.. moved on a few steps towards the door and she said Happy Birthday~ "your presents downstairs in my bag" she says..
Can't say i feel anything other than being very happy. ^^
got the present and by the feel of it, it was a shirt. With or without. the wish was enough of a joy in the morning.
Then the rest of the day went on well and smooth as well.. having happy birthday wishes throughout was very nice.. It was as if the day was the most special of them all.. and i thank All my Friends for it..
At the end, i simply got back to class from sports, got in the class.. and our class teacher wished me happy birthday in chinese. though she's malay. >.<
again, i gotta thank everyone for making me feel happy that day. Especially by buying a bottle of mineral water specially for me. To POUR it on me. :D

I will still be here, as i always have been~
"Two guys that fell for a girl, with one not wanting the other to know how he felt for her, because he knew too, what the other felt right from the start... Not wanting to hurt both of them, she turned her back & walked away from both.. So long Did one wait to see her, to talk to her, and to cherish each moment with her.. It was hard to understand When everything went the other way, hoping she might have felt the same for him. But when time came that they had the chance to meet again, the reaction she had from seeing him was different than expected. It was hurtfull."
It was difficult all this time, without you telling me what had happened, but i found out the truth. i understand. And without him telling me. I respect your decision, anyone who loves a girl only desires that she be happy, and if it keeps you in peace and maybe even happiness, i'll go along with it. With only One condition. Know that i still feel the way i did before... Promise me you won't ever forget..

Friday, January 9, 2009

Basic Boredom..

This year, School starts withOUT a bang!
well.. there are some people who are suffering, saying how much their class sucks. And i believe them. You see.. when you get GREAT results from PMR, i suggest you be ready to indulge in the book-reading habits of your class. Cuz they'll put you in a class with people that got good grades too, A.K.A. nerds? not that i would call them that.. but.. That's what those suffering say they are. Talking & socializing until you realise everyone around you has a book in hand. reading. concentrating. stuDYING. How bout that?
But out of all the "suffering" others endure.. i'm glad my class has an environment suited for me. It's the type of class you see people socializing everywhere.. with tolerable noise, and unrivaled laughter... wootz*
But sadly they elected me class monitor. I've got responsibility on my hand. Also known in the Real world as burden. I'm just not the type you see going in and out of the teacher's office okay..?? If that wasn't bad enough, they also elected that i be the form representative of our sports team "Zuhal". Pain in the Brain.
Thank God our friends from last year tend to have the nature of getting together at times.. as if we ain't changed classes before.. still the same, the way i like it.
Dancing performances are a no-no this year.. i don't wanna mess up like i did before.. barely two weeks in class every month last year. It's either getting practices for athlete's or preparing for a dance performance. I was always out of class, not getting the proper education medicine. O.o (i did not just say that)
But then i've gotta break my no-dance rule ONCE, cuz one of my dance partner's leaving. Yupp. Hope i keep that ONE up.
Other than that, thing's seem to be quite smooth this year. No freakin' find-out-what-wrongs-you-have teachers in sight, no i-wanna-get-punched-in-the-face-and-taught-a-lesson punk, no heartbreaking. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
But still, i gotta keep in mind... it's just the start of the year. ANYTHING could happen. But i have God.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Start the Begining...

Right now, right here.. is the start of a new year..
This is where change comes. Where people make up their minds to be something different. To be someone better. To start things, or to stop. To make someone special. To set a target, an aim. Either high. either low. This is where everything is a new thing.. Doesn't matter if we want to, or need to. It WILL be different.
Many would feel 08' went too fast. A few would think it went too slow a pace..
But this is my part, and to me.. there are times where it has definitely gone away and i want to turn time around.. This is my December. And i Love it. A whole string of moments with those close to me.. and those i have come to know better. But.. Christmas just wasn't complete without someone else..
Us, always being busy with what we do.. but at least i know i've given out my time the best i can to share with you... and i cherish it.
This December is the year i've danced more than i ever have, and i enjoy it.
Performances going on in different places in celebration.. as well as parties organised by powerhouse has kept my schedule tight, but with Fun, of course~
Can't say how everything went. But i could say we have celebrations almost EVERY week. If not every five days. This might just be the True meaning of Freedom & Fun combined.. Too bad Zombie leader Joie wasn't there.. >.< (don't tell her, plus many people don't reach this part of the line)
The last celebration held by PH was the New Year Countdown/Sleepover. MOST of us were there... at first, we checked in.. booked where we wanna sleep at night.. then played a few games (PS2) while waiting for the partying horde to come.. which at that time there were only a few of us. When they came, There was plenty of chit-chat here and there.. a few in their rooms talking, more outside in the living room Playing, joking, screaming, laughing, & Zha Dao-ing other people. Plenty of life going on in a medium sized single unit CONDOTEL. (i think CONDOminium + hOTEL = CONDOTEL) weird equation, but i was never good at maths.. Then me, ZOMB Jia Hui, David Gan, ZOMB Chris, & ZOMB Aaron went down to the third floor to have a lil' swim. well.. it was sorta' more than a lil' : Climbing on each others backs and trying to push the other down, MARCO POLO??, and "attempting" frontflips & backflips INTO the water, and holding our breaths (Three people faking it while one person goes underwater, and the three trying to hold back from laughing while that one person wastes time trying to hold his breath) was quite fun. =_= we then took the scary "construction" lift up back to our rooms on the 14th floor, or.. if you strong-chinese-belief-people wanna call it 13A just becuz 4 means death. 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 muahahahahahhaamojojojo
Then the rest of the time we just fooled around in our CONDO till it was time for countdown, which was gonna take place at the beach.. or semi-beach. it doesn't look like a beach. A.K.A. Tanjung Lipat (the side of the road where you can see Yayasan sabah glow). Carrie's Dad brought for us a few Fireworks which set the atmosphere alive when the countdown was on. Thanks Carrie!!
before the countdown timer, everyone had their watches set differently, in turn, confusing more people.. woohoooo but then, you could tell we got it right when others started partying too, or.. did they follow us? @.@
After that, we took A LOT of pictures.. one of them captured with us in mid-air. Which i think is a Brilliant and Creative idea that Elsha suggested.. Got back to our rooms again on the THIRTEENth A floor, told those who decided to stay in the CONDO while we cheered at the semi-beach that they missed out BIG TIME, and resumed our crazy-going-ons. The rest of the day ain't much. Cuz most of em' were already asleep. Two Man ZOMBIE army Garry & Jia Hui stayed up playing 60 rounds of TeKKen. each round consuming 60 seconds. yupp. By the time our thumbs were sore enough to stop us playing straight through. it was somewhere around 4 or 5 in the morning. Yes, we didn't SLEEP at a SLEEPover party. no sense there. Instead, we opted to go down to the 3rd floor and wait till sunrise before going up again to take our clothes and swim once more.... at 6 in the morning lol. A few of the Quads and others were there too.. so.. it wasn't really all that lonely. We all got back up, and they played a few more rounds of Tekken. I took the time to sleep for 30 minutes cuz i was dying. Andie gave me a cushion to ease the pain.. awwwww~ ^^
After that, Jia Hui and me bathed at the swimming pool toilet, cuz our CONDO only had ONE toilet, which was swarming with people brushing their teeth, bathing and all that. Our bathing, however, was slower. Waited 10 freakin' minutes for the elevator to arrive. Then we got to the toilet there. Bathing while SOMEONE was firing airgun pellets into my shower was entertaining, cuz i did the same thing to that SOMEONE while he bathed....maybe i shot more.. idc. haha the rest of the day? it all went well.. everyone left and i believe Jia Hui and Me wanted to Sleep all day..