Friday, July 31, 2009

The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.

2. Each player answers the questions about themselves.

3. At the end of the post the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they got tagged and to ask them to play and read your blog.

Starting time: 8 in the mornin'. wakie wakiee~~

Name: Garry Singa

Sisters: One... is.. enough... :P

Brothers: 0

Shoe Size: 8/9, it depends..

Height: 172cm.

Where do you live: Where i wanna live~

Favourite drinks: Chocolate or Yam or Avocado Juice.. and yogurt.

Favourite breakfast: Uh.. western style?

Have you ever been on a plane?: Yup.

Swam in the ocean: Like on the shore.. or in the middle of the ocean? on the shore, yes.

Fallen asleep at school: It's my hobby.

Broken someone's heart: Yes, but always unintentionally..

Fell off your chair: Since Form 1, nopee... *giggles*

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: No.. there are other ways i have waited.

What is your room like: Balanced. Both tidy and messy!! muahahahaa...~

What's right beside you: Pictures of my dadee~ and a book shelf.

What is the last thing you ate: Some kind of.. cheese bread..

Ever had chicken pox: Neva!!

Broken nose: No. pfft. :P

Do you believe in love at first sight: No... it takes time to love..

Like picnics: course'. Long as i don't get black(er).

Who was/were the last person you danced with: Kamal & Ricky, both from The Crew.

Last made you smile: Hmm.. Andie.

You last yelled at: It happened at home.

Today did you~Talk to someone you like: It's 8 in the morning!

Kissed anyone: Wished.

Get sick: H1N1. No..

Talk to an ex: O.o

Miss someone: Yes..

Eat: C-C-Cheese bread?

Best feeling in the world: Holding hands. Sincerely.

Do you sleep with stuffed animals: My guitar. Hahaaaaa... weii.. really bah.

What's under your bed: Another bed.

Who do you really hate: No one really. Haters maybe?

What time is it now? : It's 8+.

Things I was doing 10 years ago: Play here sleep there.

Things on my to-do list today: #1Live #2Reload my cute phone #3Dance #4Get online #5Music!

Snacks I enjoy: #1Ice cream #2Big Apple Donuts #3Gum

Things I would do if I were a billionaire: #1Get Sabah's biggest dance party started #2 Spend it with Friends #3Take a whole day with someone shopping #4Enjoy the views in London #5Upgrade the school so much the teachers wouldn't dare touch me #6 Where the church has inconveniences, there my money will aid #7 Get my family living easier becuz by then i'd just be less of a billionaire, but still a billionaire!!

Bad Habits: Hmm... Being kind in wrong situations, Waste money, Dance like there's no tomorrow, and gaming hardcore.

5 places I have lived in: Somewhere 80meters above sea level, My own house here in beverly (J7-1), My other house here in beverly (J8-1) hahaaa, Friend's house, and my grandmothers house.

5 people I'm tagging to: Nobody!!!~~~ weee~~~

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Yes, this blog is still alive. Welcome. ^^

There's been a lot of happenings in this life right now, the times i have not typed of. So.. just a few things that i am currently experiencing:

1. I've been quite joyful this week, so if you want me to spend you, now's a good time to ask.

2. I'm satisfied about my haircut and would like to keep it that way. Too bad it's assembly time tomorrow, and hair checks terrify me.

3. I realised how much more i get when i give friends my big apple donuts. And yes, that sounds wrong.

4. Michael Jackson's songs only start airing on radios all over the world when he's gone.

5. My skin is still dark.

6. I still love pianos more than any other instrument. Yet i play drums.

7. I think my phone is cute. I should marry it.

8. I realise One Borneo is the place to be.

9. I am seriously deprived of dancing.

10. I want to bring someone(s) out, who will it be?

And there's the nine 'recently's this month and the months before. Hehee...*giggles* O.o

The most recent thing that went on was the children ministry's telematch this morning. And with kids, balloons, games, prizes, the beach, and a whistle strapped around the neck.. it was fun. Even for me. Is it even surprising.

The whole thing was mainly an event for the children (pre-schoolers), but I felt it a joy just watching all that was going on.

Now the world thinks I'm gay because i said that.

I was one of the many needed helpers this morning. Assigned a whistle each and given the responsibility of keeping God knows how much children safe and happy. Went to Tanjung Lipat at around 8AM plus to blow balloons until we had 40. Then i was given the task of coordinating one game for the kids. Lovely eh? Just lovely. Waited till the kids got on site and we soon started the whole thing, Songs blaring included. Well.. at last it was over at about 12. I think. But i was tired and exhausted. Who knew kids could bring me down?

Okay, just about a week ago, which was very recently, I had been out with my friend. He's been quite alone since he's relative left his household, bound to live elsewhere. So I've been making an effort to meet him at least once or twice a week, even as he lives about 300 or 400 meters away from me. Walking the only way.. since my mum won't send me over such short distances. Economy. Right. But still, that's one leg tiring journey on foot each time. Well rewarded though.. because he's that one bit less lonelier.

Anyway.. off subject liao. We had a game at the local cyber cafe which is again about double the distance in which i have to walk to his place and both of us then walk to the cyber. It was entertaining and after that i walked him home, leaving me to walk back alone. At one point of the road, which, mind you, is a long straight stretch of pavement, a motorcycle stops dead a few meters behind me. About thirty yards away with two guys on it. One stays on and the other gets off. Dumbly unaware, i continue with the typical "teenager phone messaging-addict". I hear these footsteps behind me and i look to the side, there being the guy with a motorcycle helmet on. With the looks of one at age 30, and an average body build, he asks if he could borrow my phone. My nature always allows the better part which is handing it out, but only slightly, since he IS a stranger. Without even answering his question yet, he goes for my phone in a forceful manner. i grip it hard and soon both me and him struggle over it. Truth be told, he was weak. Epic fail. Instinctively i yell at him, the type of yell you give your FRIEND when they step on your new shoe. Yes, i treat almost everyone like a friend. How dumb. He's stunned (God knows if it's the friendly yell or my volume), and looks at me for a while then looks past me. I look back too and I see this proton wira coming up from behind. The guy then walks very calmly back to where the bike is, first guy still on it. Why walk calmly back after committing this FAILED crime? - So the driver in the car down back doesn't get suspicious and remember their sorry faces. These guys have probably done it before, even having the bike parked further away instead of beside me is brilliant. Not that I'm complementing them. Grr.

Oh, I was glad I still had the phone. Until i realised the phone in my hand had become useless. The screen had malfunctioned, only showing light with nothing understandable. It had bent beyond it's threshold. That's what you get when two guys want the same thing.

Just seconds after they ride off, I was stunned. Of all the time that other people have failed at getting money from me forcefully in the sport complex and also in cyber cafe's, This one was the most severe. Even scary, in fact. And thoughts of it.. the flashbacks, still do ring in my head. The way killers do after having murdered their first victim. Except mine aren't nightmares okay.. It's because i was fuming angry. The hatred harboured.

Trying to ignore how open i had myself at this time of night in the most insecure of places, i ran home the whole way. When i entered the house i was furious, both for the broken phone and how i let him get off so easily when in fact he was shorter than me. It's no wonder now... how people can't simply let go of those who killed their beloved. Just like in movies where you seem to say how dumb that character is for not controlling himself when he sees the person who killed his wife, and even with threats around, he runs and goes for him. Killing him, his desire.

Went straight for my parents room, handed my mum the phone, and told of what had happened. Surprisingly she doesn't seem to care about the grave situation that had just happened few minutes ago.

I think she overestimates me.

Like the time i had just started learning the handstand. There was this treasure box, a decorative furniture behind me, and i slammed into it with my shin while doing the handstand. The pain put me on the ground for thirty seconds, waiting for it to slowly fade away. My mum passed the sitting hall seeing me holding on my leg and suffering. She goes "what happened?" and i say "my leg, it hurts a lot." Then she finally adds "oh, I'm going to cook now" and walks past me to the kitchen. @.@ WHAAT!? My dadee~ had just came back from his 6 month transfer to KL, visiting us. Even he gave a more caring aura. seriously.

Two days later, i came to posses a new phone. Since we found out it takes almost half the price of the phone to get it fixed. Who on earth is gonna pay that? would rather get a new phone yes? Now i have cutie. A Nokia 2330 classic. It's just a basic phone. BUT IT'S DAM* CUTE MAN. I so freakin' love it oh.. Eeeeee....

Okay, on other things now.

Ever heard of Lok Yukians saying they love their school? and that I'm one of them? Well.. we take it all back. This school has been some sort of military training camp that's trying to turn everyone into robots. Their ridding this school of all that is wrong. And well.. I'm not against it. But it's the little things people do wrong that they still seem to punish. Heck, punish isn't the right word. More like 'get rid off'. You see... our principal, has gone through like some kind of mood swing. SARCASM DETECTED. And since he IS the PRINCIPAL, why not use the authority in hand? Oh yeah, get a bunch of guys that didn't tuck in their shirt with long hair and SUSPEND THEM! even SACK THEM OUT OF SCHOOL. Seriously, he really did it. This ain't gossip girl, it's reality. They need to walk in our shoes now. Teachers, and principals alike. Even you kementerian of discipline peeps. Understand that we are not devils and law breakers, criminals or murderers. And that every day in school is not everyday a judgement day. We will make mistakes, we will trip, we will fall. You guys up there with much much more authority need to check the dose of consequence your giving to the next generation. i mean, i understand if you put someone young in jail for murder, but.. getting the sack from just untucked shirts and long hair? that is.. slightly too much for a punishment. It's like suspending me because my pencil sharpener has a blade! Please tell me if there Will be an all Lok Yuk mob, I'd like to take part.

Yes mum, i do love daddy. I could only write this, not say it out loud. He has been very loving since the last time. But i don't know why.. when I've started to grow older, he's shut himself out. I really enjoyed the time when he has come back to visit us though. He has made himself more open to the family, and i guess it's something i really miss.

Lately, I've also been the coordinator for seekers last Friday. Say amazing. Because the coordinator is in charge of EVERYTHING. planning every single detail, giving suggestions, and also the command. It is an easy job for those who know the members of the christian community in our school well. But i have almost never attended their praise and worship these four years in Lok Yuk. So.. it was kinda difficult for me. But with God's help, i made it. Though the praise and worship had only about 12 of us, i was fully content with how all things turned out. And though i didn't give my best, people have appreciated my effort. Thanks goes to God. All of it.

Lastly, I just wanna thank God for all he has helped me with. The assistance and also the most cherished support. He is all i can hang on to at times, especially when the situation to be solved seems an impossible task. I greatly thank him. Before i end, all of those who read, unknown to me, or beloved and cherished.. Please pls don't walk out in places you believe and feel is not secure. This world we live in is no longer one we can completely trust, especially with our lives in which we have much to accomplish.