Sunday, February 14, 2010

Early year recap...

I don't know how everyone else's year has gone so far but I hope all is well and as smooth as it can be. =)

My year however, is simply plain normal. The way I see it at least. I'm writing now in the month of Feb but I'll be giving out this post to compensate for the time I've been missing out in the month of January too. And peeps... for one that I haven't been writing as usual is because my internet got cut off (the modem is of no use now). Awesome.

Form 5. Final year. And also and also a time where the economics of our "great" country get effed up beyond recognition. Meaning that some of us (especially me) will experience the feeling of not getting what we want... I meant need. Both. Whateva. Either way ...academics, studies, and class performance is crucial this year. Since it may OR may NOT make our future shine. Kids, it's time to realize that what I'm writing ain't parent talk, but crap in reality. To be honest, I started this year just as most of us did. Confident and ever determined. But as the days pass, temptation to do something I'm fully passionate about is starting to creep under my skin! Dance dance dance~ And with friends constantly asking if I will be performing this year, I see it impossible to keep the dancing desire outta my mind. Yet instead of dancing, I'm overly involved with scout marching, athlete's training, and handball. Again. So it's not surprising I spend 80% of my time outdoors and away from books and pencils. Then again, thank God this time I seem more capable of splitting time for both outdoors and in-class subjects. I've even taken up tuition for maths and bahasa Melania when some of my friends think it unbelievable that I would. Great improvement in life!!! Teehee!

Remember when I had said in a previous time that I was worried about being placed in that Gawd-awful class? Well I'm in there now, and it ain't as bad as I thought it would be. I've grown to like the people around me over the course of one month. They're friendly, "helpful", and supportive in some respects. helpful being you-get-what-I-mean. Though it may still be true that they are misguiding at times, influencing you not to do your homework and skip classes chilling out on canteen benches, all I really got to do is keep my eye on the ball and I'll do just fine. Sadly, you can observe that some of them won't turn up well by the end of the year. Getting into trouble, not listening AT ALL in class, and sleeping like you'll believe humans CAN hibernate just slowly eats away at them. The teachers themselves being one of the reasons that'll guarantee the classes' failure in exams. Names ain't nice, so I'll just tell you MATH, PSK, BM and PM are taught in the worst of ways. The worst of the worsts being Math and BM. I tell you ah... our math teacher happens to be in charge of the athletes training program and involved in everything outdoors. And since sports is also what makes a school's name reputable (don't you know), the teacher would inevitably spend his life out of classes. So far... he's only taught us the first *&^%$@ chapter and it's already February. Facts:

1. He's only been in our class once before. The first time not counted because he wasn't teaching.
2. I wonder how he got QUALIFIED to teach math when everyone can't UNDERSTAND the things TAUGHT.
3. Other classes have already reached CHAPTER FOUR.
4. He ain't even reached the end of the first chapter!!!

These are the first four reasons that make me feel that my absence in class did not affect my academics... BECAUSE IF I DID ATTEND THE CLASSES, I WOULD WALK OUT THE SAME AS I DIDN'T ATTEND IT! That, my fellow friends, is useless. Still, I'm having private math tuition one on one with my own personal tutor. And I am extremely grateful to the point words cannot express. All I want to say about the BM teacher, is that she comes in, gives us a title to write a 200-350 word essay on, and asks that we pass it up. Hallelujah should I HAPPEN to learn anything from it.

Now for the less stressful parts. I was recently chosen for the handball team representing my school. Gay, but yes, it's fun, thank you for asking. :P Handball, should any of you know what it is, is a sport just like that of soccer, but with the use of hands and fouls for feet (soccer the other way round lool). It's fun and requires much arm strength... which is just the sport for a Bboy!!! :DDD

Unfortunately now I'm dark. So much so that when I sat together with my Malay friends and called out to a another friend of mine, she tried so hard to look around and find me when I was just in front of her. Since her mind remembers me as a person fairer than what I am now. Gah. Anyway, I'm sleepy so I'll end this right here. May God bless your lives.

Much love~

[Apologies should there be any typos. I hadn't much time to write]