Sunday, May 31, 2009

Not forgotten...

Mr. Aaron Yap A.K.A Xiao Zhu Zomb.
Well.. it's been a long time since we've seen you here at Ph. But know your always welcome here. We actually waited for your appearance here, bro.. but i guess it's okay if you have other things. One less Zomb now oh.. how lerh? ish~ I hope your doing well in everything, and that you've found peace too. Just don't forget bout' God. He moves things in your life, clears your obstacles, sows comfort in you. He changed things in mine and everyone else's. So trust your goals and dreams to him. Members miss you.

.:on behalf of powerhouse & the Zombs:.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


It's been long since i've wrote.


Stupid internet connection.

Today i just got my report card and I don't think I wanna report about it cuz basically I failed. Big time.. and the reason for that couldn't be more obvious than it already is - dancing and drama. I honestly don't know how I'm going to improve on those important subs (mainly maths and science) cuz i haven't been reading ANYTHING for the past.. wha? one and a half months? which doesn't really sound like much but it is. T.T

Other things.. teacher's day just passed last week and I gotta say it was pretty boring. Except for our dance performance. Duh. >.<>

Around this coming August, be sure to check out the biggest event to hit our school: MUSIC FEST 09'. Organised by Lok Yuk alone, this is a must-attend for all those who love music and dancing. Cuz there'll be plenty of it. Extras too. Singing accompanied by instruments, dancing partnered by bass. Vocals, rhythm, lyrics, beats, moves, flow... I'll be darned if it's possible to even say that day will be boring. But often i expect more than that from an event everyone can't wait for. Which is all the more hype when it's mentioned the Xydro Family members are coming. *cue girl scream* If I'm not mistaken, Diva crew will be there as well. (they ARE Lok Yukians la pls) And this time the event drags on cuz there will be an AFTERPARTY babeh!! *cue guy giggle* And in that afterparty comes battles.. freestyle battles. Of course, we can't be serious about smoking the Xydros in Bboying. ITS IMPOSSIBLE. So shut up Adidas.

Moves i really gotta learn to make a show on the freestyle floor with my crew: Flare. Transitions of Flare to Windmill and reverse. A signature air-freeze. And if possible, a headspin, 1990 or Air-Flare. With just a few months to learn these golden moves that will literally boost our crew reputation when battling with the Xydros, i ain't gonna chance it away. But unlike other dance styles, Bboying.. or 'Breaking', is different. One being that it obviously takes a lot of tolerance for pain and a brave heart to try out new and more riskier moves. Feel like taking a trip to the hospital? then try out a backflip or headspin. Funny how i get my shoulders hurt when it's a HEADspin I'm doing. Tai-Ngong.

The more i dance, the more i realise how much dancing can actually spread roots. The way it gives chances of knowing more people, and being stronger with those around you, relationship-wise. But of course, it's not always easy. In the progress of choreography, crew management, schedule planning, and attendance for practices.. there's always a chance things will go unpleasant. Members start to disagree, take on their own ideas and stand firmly on them, become hostile towards each other over anger, gossip about the performance of a member, and worse comes to worst.. the crew breaks apart.

I've been dancing a lot since the day I started serving the Good Lord and in every dance I've ever participated in, I always see dis satisfactions and arguments. These things eating away at the hearts of those who do what they feel most passionate for - dancing. The motivation that drives them to dance together slowly fades and instead it becomes a war of who is better and who is above.

These kinds of things shouldn't exist. Isn't it possible to calmly accept the choices made? and if not, find one that appeals most to the majority of the crew? When a crew forms and comes together there is one objective that is constantly there. They have the desire to dance together in unity, doing what they love together. The main word being 'together'. Often times it's about ego. It's about how much one thinks he/she is better than the other. These types of mindsets will lead that dancer to believe he/she has the authority to manipulate the plan itself into something only ONE PERSON has the taste for. With that, the rest of the dance practices become less enjoyable. more repulsive. and done with an unsatisfied heart. Tell me.. can the whole crew survive with that? Know the answer is no.

And to you, lovely.
-I've fallen-

Sincerely yours, J.

Friday, May 8, 2009


Today at the end of school i was freakin happy. For no reason. AT ALL.

I was all smiles lol.

Well.....________ This coming Monday gotta go and have my hair cut.


Okay, maybe my hair isn't that long now, but still. Our school is 'discipline driven' and they'll let nothing stop them from having all the boys bald. Just watch out and don't go to Lok Yuk if you even actually thought of moving there. Especially you Russell!!

Oh yeaahhhh... i asked why our class got relocated next to the toilet right? and i just found out it was because one of my classmate buddies got his leg busted, hospitalised, and casted and so this makes it all the more convenient to him. Grr.

Anyways we'll hopefully move out back to our original class in the new block next week and you students occupying our class can now kiss it goodbye!! muahahahahhaa

Seriously I wasn't kidding about the suffering we had. Sometimes there's even the strong scent of fishies that come about. Makes you wonder what they wash the toilet with.. hmm..


Just last week our church had a church camp for this 2009, almost like a custom that we have it once a year and i UBER LOVE IT!! Being there alone already excites me and the weather is Fr3aK!n DESIRABLE. Getting hot and sweaty down here in KK ain't my thang bro. Kinda reminds me of Shimla, India... The snow and bone chilling wind that bites at your ears and ungloved hands.. WHOOO!

*feels the excitement*

The sessions there where the main thing though. There was Pastor Phillip that brought us through his messages and words about 'finishing well' in life. in spirit. It was deep.

When we got there my assigned room mates were to be David Gan and Matthew Lok. Who knew we would get the chalet rooms? *cue dramatic music* It was nice and cold and cute and.. small. small?!

Even Danielle (wabbit) and Abigail (Queen of laughter and sista to beloved Andie) couldn't believe a word I was saying bout how beautiful the view and the room is up there. That is.. until i took out the key from my pocket.. The best part was the position at which the room was. Number #13, perfectly positioned to have the best view than all the other chalets, it had a balcony so wide you could party all night up there with a classload of people. And we did. But with 6. Still... it was fun in a cold kinda way.

Then another day we went to Don Bosco's orphanage. It was just a 15 minute drive away (or so i think) and a couple of laughters later we got there.

The kids there were nice and friendly, from primary schools to secondary form 5s. We basically got there to make friends with them and show them how God works in our lives, to not give up in their dreams and ambitions, to trust God with it. After that we just left lo.. happy to know we brought not just gifts but joy. aww~

Getting back down here was just "devastating" lol. I mean.. it was hard to leave the weather, the memories. Cuz i really love that place.. it gives me an unknown sense of comfort and relief. Maybe it's becuz i'm so far away from all the problems and all the threats. ya la tu Garry..

So.. right now our exams for this month is officially over. Dancing will no doubt naturally come back into our crew member's hearts. And we will certainly enjoy it.