Friday, April 16, 2010

How the days have been.

It's been a very eventful month this time round. Many things have gone on. Some are nice and some aren't. Shall I continue?

For one, our school's handball team is anxious for blood. We've been training over two months now for the competition which will soon be on just next week. There's been a lot of work put into the training and we're here to win. Major arguments, disagreements, player's failure to commit themselves fully, and problems with injuries and hostility. These have all rained down on us and yet we persevere through it. Hopefully it won't end in disgust because each of us here in the team are as hyped as we'll ever be. But the way I see it, we're doing pretty well now. Our defense has seen significant improvement, our attacking and passing techniques has grown strong and even the players themselves have progressed well in their own ways. I'm becoming more and more confident with our performance as each day passes. And it's a beautiful thing.

Just a few days ago, we had a friendly match with Likas Technical middle school. They showed negative sportsmanship and were abusive with words. But nevertheless, the highlight of the show was the game itself. Through observation you'd see our team doesn't have all the fast, agile and high stamina players that they were jammed with and so we lost mainly because of those traits. But even though we lost, it wasn't bad considering we were only one point behind theirs. After several sessions of training to fix our flaws, I'd say we can take them on. Hooah.

Just today, a friend of mine had lost his phone. Apparently it was stolen by some kid from Shan Tao school which came over to our school for a football friendly. There was quite a scene just outside our school from what had happened but luckily it was nothing serious. Though he was let off because we lacked evidence or witnesses to give him any "lecturing", we still believe he hid the phone with some of his other schoolmates. But the fault is still with the cell phone owner. If he hadn't brought it to school, it wouldn't have been stolen. I call that solved.

Recently I've had a new ambition. One that I'm more sure of then the one my mother suggested for me: Mass Communication. And that ambition of mine is to be a pilot. See, this country's encouraging more local people to become pilots because our airliners are mostly run by foreign ones which the government has to invest more money in. This presents a fantastic opportunity for me because the government is willing to financially support my studies for piloting should my ambition become real. But the best part comes as the study is more of a practical type than just reading books- right up my alley. I ain't some guy who loves sitting in an office just writing and reading. Imagine if I had to do that as part of my job for over 30 years. I would so totally drive off a cliff or choose life and be a hobo (homeless dude).

There are actually lots to tell about, but I'm getting sleepy from the training just this afternoon. I'll have to end here my peeps. God bless. (:

"Nathalie, I miss you!"

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