Saturday, April 3, 2010

Clearing my mind...& yours.

I want to be free.

Of all the thoughts that plague my mind. Bother me. And put me in a state of depression. Once upon a time I saw to smoking or doing crazies a way to let of the steam. But it's far from the ACTUAL solution. Let's face it. Most peeps around the globe do these things, also how the "Emo" word originated. The first time that trend came into existence, a picture of a loner, a person who regularly hurts himself/herself comes to mind. Well that's just sick. People, don't get satisfaction or healing from cutting wrists or drinking heavy liquor to the point you can't walk a straight line (which I have done so myself before). So to all the peeps out there in a position that never seems to make you feel pleasant or light on the shoulders, please, go have some proper fun. A vacation. Dancing. Anything that makes you feel good and doesn't bring harm. Someone loves you.

-This post was motivated by anger seeing people screw themselves. So wrong.

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