Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I can't believe it's due time. I can't believe it was this fast, and I can't believe it's now. I've lost the time and today's the final time I may see you again. Did you know what hurt me so quietly? It was that I had let time slip us by time and time again yet you look up to me as a great friend. I would never forget those lines, Nathalie.

How stupid was I to only realize now? They say time is gold, and I say it should be stolen. You always reminded me when you were going to leave but somehow my mind always managed to push it to the back. Being so focused on my own losses that now, I would lose my time with you. Why had I done so? Forgetting about your company when you offered it and kept going on around my own circles of trouble? Now I regret, Nathalie, and I am so sorry.

I can't express how cold it is for me now. All I can look forward to is typing to you from miles away. But it would never beat the way we could've talked in person. Because then it would be priceless. Suddenly it feels like I'm the one waiting for hundreds of days for you and I can't shake it off my mind, the chances I should've taken to spend more time with you. We could've talked a long time had I desired it sooner, sharing topics and trading past experiences. But now I have to face it: You'll be starting anew.

No matter the regrets I have, I now see that I've gotta be happy for you and back you up a hundred percent. New Zealand, It's name kinda lives for you now, Nathalie. I've put it to you too many times now, nothing of yours will end here but as for everything else, it will begin there. Face it strongly. It's your time now. Your memories and experiences here will give you the strength and spirit to obliterate obstacles there. Remember that we are never free from hardships, big or small, but it's the way we react that determines how we can go around it.

I love you so much, and I don't ever want to see you troubled like you have before. Previously, few months back, you were quite delicate and fragile, always needing aid. But through my eyes, now you've grown so much more stronger and I am so proud of you. Now you are able to take on harder things on your own all while keeping both feet on the ground. Gotta love how you've come around. :)

I remember a while ago how you kept expressing how you felt that people here in Sabah won't remember you. Rawr they will! I'm sure you've seen the news of your leave affect your friends around you. No denial. Period.

Soon I can only use a keyboard to make you understand, with the exception of Skype, how special you are. More than that cute girl with a strong personality that with, or without make-up, is an angel. God be with you and guide you wherever you will be. I shall expect our continued communication and most importantly, our friendship. Be missing you most...

-Sincerely Yours
Love, Garry.
From .:BabyLioN:. To .:BabyNaThie:.

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