Sunday, August 22, 2010

"Mum ..where's the controller?"

If pictures were taken every minute of our life, I think I might just die looking at them.

I just spent a (not so) few minutes staring at pictures that lasted since a few years back to the way it is right now. So many things and emotions passed and I felt that my mind was little.

Decisions that were made, time that was lost and could be spent on people who changed me, changed themselves the way they are today, the joy and entertainment that was experienced as well as the pain and regret sown back then and some even still living inside me today.

After all that. You feel a change of heart.

Feeling that things right now aren't as smooth and that the mistakes made the last time actually seem perfect.

Ridiculous but true.

But then when you think about it again, and it tells you to enjoy what you are and what you have now then look back at it in the future and have the same feeling again.

Memories do come back. Especially with pictures, the little things that never mattered becomes something you miss dearly. Oh my.

As fast as you want things to come and go. There's no slingshot in life. You don't fast forward and you certainly don't live back what you did.

You do things, feel things, and you change with the times. What you never did, you now do. What you never want, you now desire. There was never a guarantee to begin with.

Look in the rear view mirror and you find that you've changed far, far more than you thought you had. As I realize this, I see that I can't be secure and sure that change will not come to the things I believe so surely will not change.

Seventeen. I've gone quite far.

Yet there's more to go. Life's a journey. And a damned long one.

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